Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Manic Monday

Wellll....Tuesday.  Busy, busy week as is expected w/ the end of the year.  thought I'd share a little of what we have going on.

  • Reni and Logan go to the dentist.
  • Warren has a hearing test. (I'm making him go.  Hey, you have to keep up w/ the adult checkups too, right?)  
  • Waiting for IRS man to call.  
  • Cleaning up the house.
  • Pool is turning to aqua now.  Next step, blue.  Then time to swim.
  • Kids have eaten almost an entire bushel of peaches in a week.  
  • Digby needs a bath.
  • Need to finalize all trip plans for Bulgarian Reunion.
  • Need to find hostess gifts.
  • Figuring out what to do for Father's Day.
  • Need to make tie dye shirts for our upcoming trip.  
  • Figuring out what to do for Alyona & Alex's birthdays.
  • Working on weight loss.
  • Getting hotter outside.
  • Wanting to sell the house.
  • Making plans for if we don't sell said house.
  • Guardianship...to do or not to do.
  • Attending a SSI & SSDI info session for the first time this coming weekend.  We've never ever taken government assistance and not sure we'll do it this time either.  Even our adult daughter does not receive it.  However, we're concerned once she's out of school, how she'd get health care insurance.  Again, just info.  Lots to think about.
  • Church clubs this week.
  • Soccer is over.
  • Yardsales to go to this weekend.  Wahoo!!!
  • No desire to do homeschool work this week.
  • Taking Logan to doc today b/c arm is messed up.  Poison ivy has gotten really bad for him.  
  • Kids LOVE the new trampoline.
  • Making plans for working on things over the summer.  
  • Never did catch up on all the blog posts.  But hey, down to just 8 drafts now so getting there.
  • Trying to think of ways to get Nik Neptunes.
  • Looking for a shuttle bus.  Both our vehicles are almost paid off so not getting rid of them.  However, became blatantly obvious, we need a different vehicle for trips or even around town w/ everyone in tow.  Keep your eyes peeled please.
  • Gorgeous outside. I don't want to do work.  LOL.
That's a glimpse of what's on my mind or what we're doing.  Much more going on but general idea.  Walked w/ my friend Rebecca this morning.  Definitely need her or I'd be a slacker for sure.  Glad we teamed up.  Now, if she could just take away my chocolate cravings, we'd be in business.  More later.  Back to reality and some school work.

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