Monday, May 21, 2012

Manic Monday

Much going on as usual.  Just settling back in from being gone the last few days.  Today is Monday.  Thought I'd highlight a little of what we've got going on this week.

  • Unpack and wash all laundry from trip.
  • Get organized.
  • File for 8 insurance claims.
  • Finally get oregano to a friend of mine.  LOL.
  • Tend to garden.
  • Church clubs.  We missed last week.
  • End of soccer season party.
  • Decide on how to handle the roofing situation.
  • Warren to orthopedist today.
  • Throw out old trampoline.  It's broken.  Unfortunately, with all the sensory issues, they really do need a trampoline.  Looking currently.
  • Sell old fencing.
  • Get the house thing sorted.  By that, I mean what to do about selling.
  • Keep treating pool to get ready to open it for the season.  Wahoo!!!
  • Still walking w/ my friend every morning.
  • Order 3 sets of new glasses.  
  • Figure out where magic roof will come from.  
  • Lots more but just can't think straight.  Just got a call from IRS.
Do more later.  Okay, IRS.  As you all know, we are being audited as are so many other adoptive families out there this year.  Don't mind that part at all as we have ALL our reciepts and proof that we did indeed do this set of adoptions.  I understand they have a job to do.  Now, we do not claim as much as others on adoptions as we receive adoption reimbursement from Warren's work.  So, works a bit differently.  However, our CPA is up on all this.  She even discussed all this with the IRS directly.  Name, id #, etc. of tax person she talked to.  We did everything right.  Check was to be issued today.  Did we get one?  No.  Instead, call saying they need copies of ALL canceled checks related to the adoptions and ALL credit card receipts as well.  Fine.  Will take time to find for sure but definitely will get it done.  Thing I'm upset about is they do NOT WANT to allow us to claim the lodging.  Why?  B/c despite us having a receipt saying paid in full from the apartment company we rented from in Sofia, since we had to pay cash (no choice on this one btw),  they(IRS) will not allow it.  Now, if they know for FACT you are in the country during that specific time and are indeed adopting, why else would you rent an apartment??  Anyone else run into this?  If so, please advise.  I will call adoption agency tomorrow.  Already asked others on FB.  Just frustrated.  Really need the money back.  Charged the CI batteries so that Nik could hear.  Insurance will not cover all.  It's not like this tax money coming back is destined for anything fun.  LOL.  Buckets in the kitchen will tell that story.  Got to love it.  I do not have any problems whatsoever for the IRS for asking for more info.  We have it.  I do however, have a problem w/ them not wanting to allow us to claim lodging when it is clearly allowed per CPA per their own IRS TAX people.  Can you tell I'm a tad frustrated??  So, I may be "off" a bit this week in order to get this taken care of.  It is now priority #2 behind all those 8 insurance claims.   More coming up later on Camp Cheerio.  Glad we had such a great weekend as this week is going to suck!

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