Monday, May 14, 2012

Manic Monday

Back to reality.  It' s Monday.  with the end of school, we have much, much to do.  We'll get there little by little.  Here we go.  Some highlights for the week:

  • order testing material or possible take them to a local testing center.
  • Review school
  • Decide if I can even send Alyona to middle school w/ NO special ed classes.  Sorry inclusion does NOT work.  
  • Getting organized this week.
  • Ready for camp Cheerio!
  • Need more sleeping bags but think we've decided just to take comforters this go around.
  • Quickly realizing the van is not going to cut it as a travel vehicle.
  • Heart sank as estimate for new roof came in.  Only 1st estimate so hoping it goes down from here or we'll be living w/ buckets for awhile.  LOL.
  • Started pre-authorization for Nik's batteries despite insurance not covering it all.  We'll figure that one out later.  
  • Pool is still Shrek green.  Getting there though.  It's a process.
  • Irina is getting a 24 hour ph probe done tomorrow.  Yuck!
  • We decided not to do soccer practice this week.  We just need some time to figure a few things out.
  • A friend is on my mind today.
  • Did I mention we're all ready for Camp Cheerio?
  • House got really clean this past weekend.
  • Yana wants to learn how to play the piano.
  • Seeing if we can find some way to get Nik the Neptunes.  It would be ideal for him.  However, with a new roof needed, I guess just a pipe dream.  
  • Called Advance Bionics.  They'll give you a $1500 trade in value.  Umm, new ones are $8K.  Think there's some magic grant somewhere?
  • Nik can land a back flip on the trampoline now as well as Alex.
  • Alyona is being less than stellar.  Okay, that's the nice way of saying the word I'm thinking of to describe her.
  • Irina is nervous about tomorrow and rightfully so.
  • Bojan is singing in the shower.  I'm cracking up.  He has no idea I can hear him from here.  
  • Still in a waiting pattern w/ IRS man.
  • Haven't heard from agency yet on Reni & Logan's sib.  Takes a long time.
  • Our hopes of building the facility we want for adults w/ disabilities is starting to get crushed.  Can't even entertain the idea if estimates come back from the other roofers.  House would have to be taken off the market.  Really, it would be a big blow not to move.  Never make plans they say.  Trouble is, this would have helped so, so many.
  • We leave Friday for Camp Cheerio!  
  • Grandparents (Warren's parents) came to visit the kids yesterday.  Very sweet of them to do. 
  • Two dogs are now clean & treated w/ Frontline.  Digby is getting a bath tomorrow.
Well, that's a little of what's happening here.  More going on.  Tired to write.  Need to workout this evening for sure.   A friend of mine is going to start walking w/ me at the park!  VERY excited.  We're going to keep each other on track.  Can't wait.  Warren is making his homemade marinara sauce.  Got to go.  More later.  Few more drafts written.  This weekend though I got a lot out there.  Finally, catching up on a few blog posts.  More to come later this evening.


  1. Have you tried something like Easter Seals to see if they would help with Nik's hearing equipment? I know they sometimes provide financial assistance to people who need medical equipment to gain more independence.

  2. Try also the Lions Club as well. Someone else also mentioned the Shriners but I've never used them but have used the Lions Club. Praying that Nik gets the neptunes.