Monday, May 7, 2012

Manic Monday

Boy, is it ever.  I never did finish all my posts from the weekend.  BTW, I have 10 drafts.  Hey, at least they're started.  Give you a bit of what's going on in bullet points.  I'm sure I've forgotten just about half the list.  Here goes nothing.

  • speech therapy only 2X this week
  • Nik's implant batteries are dead.  One good one left.  Insurance will not pay out of network.  sigh.  Working on it.
  • Nik has been giving presents to Summer the last two days.  
  • I want home school to be done for the year.  Few things left to finish though.
  • Dogs need a bath.  Badly.
  • Picked 8 buckets of strawberries yesterday.  
  • Froze 7 buckets of strawberries today.
  • Soccer games this past weekend were great.
  • Yana is done w/ track.   
  • Camera broke.
  • Septic tank people came out.  Pump is going to go soon he told me.  Not a cheap fix.  Lid disintegrated while he was here.  
  • Kids were fascinated all morning.
  • Made it to church yesterday.  whole post on that one.  LOL.
  • Pool is slowly turning.  It will be blue soon again.
  • Need a new roof.  
  • Got IRS letter today.  Said they'll respond by 7/1 so we wait some more for our refund.  
  • Soccer games tomorrow night.  
  • Church clubs on Wednesday.
  • Nik and Summer are painting wind chimes right now.
  • Alyona and Reni are fighting over checkers.
  • Girls are going to make a blanket in a few minutes.  
  • Max is doing stain glass w/ our optometrist/ neighbor today.  
  •  Bojan is walking w/ crutches.
  • Froze lots of corn.
  • Garden is growing.  Need a bigger garden.
  • Our "plans" are not going to come to fruition I fear.  
  • Going to start entering ipad giveaways.  Nik really, really needs one as do some of the other kids. Totally educational/ developmental reasons.  
  • Laundry is done.  
  • I'm craving soda but have not caved.  Going on week three w/ nothing but water and milk.  Only one glass of milk a day at that.  Had a Mt. Dew at soccer the other day. It was my weak moment.  
  • Weeding the garden today.
  • Nik says nothing but meow shut up this week.  Driving us nuts. 
  • Printer is broken.  Warren supposedly fixed it last night.  Not working again today.  Think it's toast.  Add it to the list.  
  • Too many things to think about.
Those are some bits and pieces.  I share much more in detail later.  Need to get some things done first.

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