Saturday, May 26, 2012

Life Changing Day

Big title, huh?  But it was in many ways.  Let me explain.  Today, we had Nik's last soccer game this morning.  Had to get ready early and go.

Summer w/ a hard boiled egg in one hand and bagel in the other.  Hey, rush breakfast.  One day I will actually get a picture w/ nothing on the floor.  Basket of peaches behind her.  Peanut butter, pool chemicals and who knows what else on the counter.  Yes, we need to work on that clutter soon.   We left for Nik's final soccer game. 

We were approached and asked by his coach if we thought Nik would mind being goalie.  First thought that popped in my head that I kept to myself was well, if you don't mind losing.  Sounds mean but watching him week after week being in his own little world and not contributing as much as he should to the team, that's where the thoughts went.  Reluctantly, I said sure, he can be goalie. 

Ahh, would he actually be able to pull this off?  Already, the gloves were getting to him.  However, his favorite color is orange.  So that helped.

Wait, he is paying attention!  This may well work for him.  All eyes on Nik.

Nik, getting very comfortable in his element of goalie.  Never played the position before.  Ever.

Watching a ball go out.  I was amazed at his concentration as goalie.

Nik was alert, watching where the ball was.  AND, when it was on the other end of the field, he'd still do his cartwheels and handstands. 

He truly is in his element.  Look at him watching the game.  He's become aware.  Alive!  He is not in his own little world.  You have no idea what this meant for him. 

Nik, getting ready to kick the ball down the field.  And boy, could he ever kick it!  So wonderful to hear other parents say way to go Nik!  What  a kick!  

Okay, this was a turning point for Nik.  The PI kid w/ autistic tendencies and deafness and FAS and many other dx's is in his element.  This is HIS thing.  Nik played goalie w/ all his heart.  He watched the ball.  He was on a team yet still able to be in his own little world.  Inside that white box lines.  He stopped the balls and looked w/ delight every time he picked one up.  He was so, so proud.  It was the best thing ever to watch.  Wished I"d video taped it.  I really do.  At one point, he even laid on top of a ball to stop it!  Parents were cheering Nik on.  Everyone coming up and saying "we found Nik's thing."  "Nik's a great goalie."  Nik's in his element."  Yes, Nik still did his cartwheels and handstands.  But when the team was on the other end of the field.  Nik paid attention.  He was focused.  He knew what to do almost instinctively.  He "fit in."  For once in his life, he fit in.  He was just one of the team.  Not some crazy kid w/ weird sounds doing his own thing.  No, he was a member of the team and acted as such.  He did his part and loved it.  Loved being goalie.  Nik was beaming at the end.  So, so proud.  It was life changing for sure for him.  And for us.  We saw normal in Nik for the first time ever and it was a slice of heaven.  He stood out but he stood out as a goalie.  A good one at that.  He didn't have to be told what to do.  He just did it.  Was just an awesome, awesome thing to witness.  Just had to share.


  1. YEAH, Nik!! So glad you finally found "his thing"!! :)

  2. So happy for your experience. Tape or chalk lines help my son too. If I draw with chalk outside or tape a box for him he has a better sense of space which helps him to "see" and "feel" where he is... if that makes any sense.

  3. Wow, tears in my eyes! Go Nik Go!! I understand about seeing a kid in their element!! It's like a flower blossom waiting to open!! So happy for him and "his thing"!!! YAH!