Friday, May 4, 2012

Landscaping on a budget

I know I did a post last year on this.  Thought I'd share just a few more.  Really, only a small bit but figured someone else might want to do the same.  So, here goes nothing.

Normally, I put a hibiscus plant in here.  But, at $30 to $40, I just couldn't justify it this year.  So, I wanted height.  I went w/ gladiolus bulbs.  They are doing well.  I'll get the height I wanted and also tons of color.  

Our hostas are huge.  Roughly they get about 4' across once they grow out.  They look droopy here b/c I just watered them.  You can take hostas and easily divide them and plant them elsewhere in the yard.  We do this each year.  This one not b/c of trying to sell the house.  

Right behind the hosta is a hydrangea shrub. I always buy these on clearance when they look like crap.  They come back to life.  This one should double in size this year.  These are easy to care for, grow big and beautiful and are low maintence.  Just keep them watered and they are happy.  Gorgeous flowers on them too that we use for centerpieces.  Now, the two pink ones above cost me $1.50 a piece on the Lowes clearance rack for plants.  I buy stuff there all the time.  Now, I know these are impatients and considered annuals.  However, let them go to seed and they come back every year.  I had just dug the holes in this picture above.  But, you can lightly see springs of green along the wall and elsewhere.  Those are the impatients coming up.  they are gorgeous.  In the above picture, it is covered w/ color in the next month until October.  Filled. You won't see that red hardly at all.  All from going to seed.  Cheap, easy.  My kind of gardening.  The plants hanging are Portulacas which I like but I don't like where these are located.  Going to move them.  

A very inexpensive gardening trick is honeysuckles.  They smell simply divine.  This was taken before we had clipped them so not even or as pretty.  I'll have to take a shot when it's trimmed up.  Bonus is kids love them.  Nothing like a wall of green in your yard w/ white and yellow flowers that smell delicious.  They grow very quickly.  We just train them to go on the fence.  They have spread like crazy the last few years.  

So many easy ways to landscape w/ minimal expense.  Even a non-expert like me can do something.  Love to hear any ideas you all have b/c always looking for new ideas.  Happy gardening. 

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