Monday, May 28, 2012

Hugs, handstands, and helping

Been a busy weekend.  We did not end up going to the aquarium.  Honestly, we were all too beat.  In addition, the dog chewed up my ONLY pair of sneakers.  As a mom to many, I typically only have one pair of sneakers at a time.  And they last me.  So, I let the kids sleep in this morning.  Had bagels and bacon for breakfast.  Oh, and those fresh peaches that are now ripe.  Yum.  We worked more on the yard and transplanting some flowers and shrubs.  Divided a huge hydrangea bush.  We have gorgeous hydrangeas here and I divide them every year and plant them in various places around the yard.  It's free and looks great.  Can't beat it.  Anyhow, lots of that type of thing going on around here.  Lazy day really.  Getting ready to maybe take a few of the kids for some flip-flops and shoes.  Going through some old pictures too.  Here's a few from the last few days.

Nik and Summer.  Think she likes him??  Giving her brother hugs.  

Nik doing his classic handstands on the stairs.  And yes, he can walk on them up the stairs too.  Crazy, I know.  Typically, I don't look any more.

I told Nik to go to the garden and pick green onions and beans so I could use them later.  He picked an entire bowl full.  Instead of bringing them to the kitchen, he sat them on the living room floor and everyone dug in.  Nice, huh?  Course, I guess I could have bigger issues so not complaining.  If you want food to cook with, do not ask the kids to get it.  

Max was a huge help this weekend.  I know it's a blurry picture but teens and picture taking don't mix well.  LOL.  He helped all weekend in the yard.  Did a ton of work and did a great job on it.  He mowed the whole yard.  Only a few people can operate the mower.  Switch works w/ a screwdriver now.  

Was proud of the kids for helping so much this weekend.  Was nice.  We had a great time at Dairy Queen and at the soccer party.  Enjoyed the weekend and was nice to just veg out today.  More to come.  Need to go shopping a bit.  Praying we hear good things from the IRS man this week.  All our stuff has been sent.  If it does not come back as expected, our CPA will then initiate a conference cal and we'll take it from there.  Hoping for the best. 

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