Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Homework and hydrangeas

We are winding down for the end of school.  Squeezing more stuff in. 

 Alyona helping Summer w/ some work.  No, she's not really doing any work but she wants to think so.  I won't start Summer on anything till next year.  And even then, not consider her "enrolled."  Blueberries and garlic chips are power food. 

Alex, working on multiplication.  Love how my kids clean up after lunch?

Logan, working on math too.  Nice ham sandwich & half bitten apple on stand by I guess.  Oh well, at least they're working on something.  

 Hydrangeas and gladiolouses from our yard.  Love having hydrangeas throughout the house all summer long.  I have red and yellow glads this year.  Just adds lots of fresh color to the house.

Another vase full.  BTW bargin hunters, that dish soap was regularly $4.50 at Wally World.  Irina & I spotted the clearance section.  Paid .50 per bottle.  Got 6 bottles.  Also, same trip got organic cereal for .50 a box as well.  Got 13 boxes.  Hey, we can spot a bargain.  Flowers are free.  LOL.

Decided some purple hydrangeas w/ a purple iris was a color lifter for the kitchen.  

Rarely every buy bouquets.  This one was $6 at Sam's.  I added the red gladioluses though.  Would have used another vase but didn't have one.  

A picture of the hydrangea shrub where I get most of my flowers from.

Four of our hydrangea bushes.  We took the last one in the back and divided it in two this weekend to replant.  Do it every year.  They grow bigger and I get free landscaping.  I don't use the mop-laced variety ones for my flowers inside.  But, they look pretty nonetheless outside in the yard.  Second & third ones are the mop laced ones.

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  1. Could you please advise how to divide your hydrangeas? I have one I'd like to try, it's getting huge.