Saturday, May 5, 2012

Homeschool Happenings

Well, school will be coming to a close soon.  Thought I'd catch you all up a bit on what we're doing and what we're planning on doing this summer.  This summer we'll still keep up learning though it won't officially be in the books so to speak.  We'll be studying the Revolutionary War, Egypt, and Summer Olympics this summer.  All ages can study w/ us if they wish and I think we'll have fun with these topics.  Lots of extras I'm already gathering. 

For now though, we're reviewing a few things.  We're currently starting dinosaurs.  The other night I found a kit at Cracker Barrel of all places.  They really got into it.  Actually, we all did. 

They were paleontologists and excavating a dinosaur!  Carefully tapping.  

Here they are brushing the excess dust off their discoveries.  

Really getting down and dirty and getting to work.  All were working and all were taking turns on it.  Got to watch Summer w/ that hammer though.  

You'd thought they discovered real bones.  LOL.  After the bones are taken out, you can put it together.  That's what we're doing tonight.  It's a T-Rex model.  They are definitely hands on learners for sure.  

Do you think Nik cutting the fabric is a good idea w/ Kota laying there??  Luckily, no tails were cut in the making of this blanket.  

We had eye exams on Friday at Walmart.  Saw a blanket set on sale (no sewing so just my style) for $5.  So, they got two.  One for the boys and one for the girls.  Haven't made the girls yet.  Their turn is today.  Boys made theirs yesterday and were thrilled w/ it.  Logan, Alex and Nik really got into it.  They had to measure the corners out w/ a ruler.  I like that they want to try new things.  

Homeschool I have learned a lot this year and will be very prepared for how I'm teaching them next year.  We are finishing up the year right now and also reviewing.  Into dinosaurs for science.  I looked through the science folder the other day and was shocked at how much we did actually cover.  Thought we weren't doing so well but apparently we covered way more than I thought.  Math multiplication facts are coming along well.  Much better.  That is all Alex wished to learn this year.  I'm working w/  Nik on fractions.  He's getting there.  All have strengths and weaknesses.  So this year was all about finding those and getting some learning in.  Next year we'll kick it up a notch.  They also had new sibs to get used to this year and change in family dynamics.  Need to test them and soon.  Very soon.  Not testing Logan and Reni yet.  No sense in it really. Plus, have up to a year to test them.  And, since they only really started in January, I'm holding off till more English is learned.  We survived homeschool this year.  Next year I think is going to be really, really awesome.  this year wasn't bad but lots of trial and error seeing what works w/ them and what doesn't.  Nice though when you see them actually retain some things they've learned.  Much more to come.  Warren and Max hauled off trash.  Rain has stopped so going to work outside I believe.  Hope your weekend is good.  Three posts down.  Maybe I can get three more done???  Who knows.  Getting to be productive this weekend.

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  1. I would have a blast with that science kit and I'm...umm...thirty-something! lol