Sunday, May 27, 2012

Hanging out w/ hail

The other day we got some hail.  Around here, we get lots of thunder storms but rarely hail.  It was almost like a treat for them to watch it storm.  I know, weird kids. 

Can't really make it out but that is hail falling.  

This was in the very beginning so doesn't look like much.  It hailed for quite some time.  A few minutes.  Looked like ping pong balls bouncing in the yard.

A closer view of some of the hail that was falling.  

It really is some cool stuff to see.  It looked like snow in the yard at one point.

Kids were watching the hail in the pool and watching it bounce off the deck.

At first, it was just little bits of hail.  Then, big ones started to fall.  Those were loud.  No damage though to the house which was great.  Just added a little excitement to the day.  Something different for the kids to look at. 

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