Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Handcuffs and a hanging

Catchy title, huh?  Don't worry, kids are all still alive.  Pictures should say it all.

Why my kids have handcuffs, I'm not quite sure.  I'm guessing from a magic kit?  Of course w/ my kids, you honestly can't know where half this stuff comes from.  My kids and neighborhood kids tend to trade.  Hate it w/ a passion.  Debunked a trade deal yesterday.  And, it seems to almost always be the boys.  Now, if only those handcuffs could stay on some times.  That would be real magic.  LOL.  After this, Max pretended to arrest his brothers.  

And this is Bob.  Apparently, someone was tired of Bob talking again.  This is Bojan's dummy.  He uses it all the time and practices all the time.  I came into the living room the other day, looked up and was a bit freaked out.  Bob is hanging by handcuffs.  I have some twisted kids at times.  Don't worry, Bob made it safely down.  Though, he does need some new duds.  

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