Friday, May 25, 2012

Flabulous to Fabulous

I wasn't here last week to post but I sure did get some exercise in in the mountains!  I am still holding steady w/ only drink milk or water.  Mostly water.  Only one glass of milk in the morning.  I did allow myself ONE Mountain Dew at Camp Cheerio.  Previously, I could have had one w/ every meal if you'd let me. LOL.  Self-control is getting better.  Doing great w/ that. 

Also, I have a walking buddy and she is at my door every morning during the week at 7am.  Yikes!  Though I hate it, after the walk, I love it. We don't let each other off the hook either no matter how crappy we feel.  So, glad I added exercise.  I will add the real cardio this coming week.  Still stretching/ light weight lifting. 

Where I failed this week was diet.  I did not stick to it.  Back on track today but still that doesn't help the last few days.  My friend Rebecca that is walking with me, bought me a daily log/ fitness journal.  Started filling that out today.  I think that will help hold me accountable for everything. 

I'm getting there slowly.  Next week, I add cardio.  Glad I've stuck w/ the walking but I want to step it up a notch and add the cardio in.  Diet needs work.  It's not horrific but I can and will do better.  I feel I'm on the right track.  This week threw me off as far as sleep goes.  Lots of big decisions to be made, lots of worry on some things, and lots of papers to organize means 1am nights for me and up at 7am to walk.  I'm tired.  Not going to lie.  I'm really tired.  No, kids won't allow me a nap.  That will never happen around here. 

I would like to lose ten lbs. over the next month.  That's my goal.  I truly think I can do it.  I'm not counting the weight already lost.  So, not a fantastic week but not a bad week either.  I will get there.  I intend to be a little lighter on those waterslides next month for sure.  Kids have been cheering me on so that helps.  So if you see me, you best keep me in line.  My weekness is and always has been chocolate.  I truly think it should be on the food pyramid.  And not just in a tiny triangle either.  Unfortunately, I'm not a fan of dark chocolate.  Give me a good ol' Hershey Bar or Milka bar any day. 

Need to go.  School reviewing  today.  Yuck.  Enjoy your long weekend.  Many posts waiting to be put up here.  Just need to finish some of them.  HOwever, schooling/ kids come first. 

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