Friday, May 11, 2012

Flabulous to Fabulous

Well, wish I had better news to report.  Good things I followed through with are stretching and light weight lifting everyday and drinking nothing but water or milk.  Just milk for breakfast though.   I am spending a minimum of 20 minutes gardening outside everyday. I am eating better.  Where I needed improvement, I did not do any cardio this week and am really bummed I let the time get away from me.  I can't make excuses though frankly, every night this week I was doing paperwork till 11 or 12.  URGHH!!!  I have been getting very organized around the house and checking off items on the neverending checklist.  It feels really good to not feel so far behind.  Feels like a weight lifting.  Trying a few new things this week as far as food goes.  Eggplant was a hit last night w/ everyone.  Well, except Irina but she literally complains about every single meal.  I am going to do the cardio part next week.  I'm off to a start and at least that is a start versus going backwards.  I did not check the scale this week but will next week.  1st week, lost 4 lbs.  2nd week, lost nothing (hurt knee).  This week, no idea.  Hoping for some # drops next week for sure! 

Alright, off to cook dinner.  Warren is making grilled chicken.  We're also having grilled asparagus and red bliss potatoes.  Watermelon is dessert this evening.  We've done a lot of working outside this afternoon.  Tomorrow is soccer, yardsales, phone company coming to fix the phone, bread outlet, trash dump, fixing up of the house.  Someone at soccer told me of a bread outlet I didn't know about.  Ours locally shut down.  And let's face it, bread at Wally World is terrible.  Plus, we all eat wheat bread here.  Can't wait to check out the bread outlet for sure though.  Nature's Own is what they sell there.  Let you know how it goes.  More later this evening.  Feel like writing tonight.  Have one post ready but trying to decide whether to post it or not.  Feel I may get a huge backlash but we'll see.  It's an affording adoption post.  Hope everyone has a wonderful and productive weekend.  Nik is already counting down to Camp Cheerio.  Me too!!!  We really need it this year. 

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