Friday, May 4, 2012

Flabulous to Fabulous

It is high time I start holding myself accountable again. I used to do this every Friday.  Starting back up again.  Last week, I lost 4 lbs.  This week, nothing.  It was to be expected though as I was truly sedentary w/ a bum knee.  I can walk now but still hard to bend it and such.  So, taking it easy but hoping to be able to do cardio or at least part of it tomorrow. 

Now, I mentioned something last week but never elaborated.  At times, we watch documentaries regarding where our food comes from, how it's processed and things of that nature.  Really taking everything in, reading more literature, getting more sources, talking to more people, etc.  I have decided to slowly go back to my vegetarian days.  Slowly.  Some of the kids want to do this with me and I'll let them if they wish.  All but 2 of mine love fruits and veggies and eat about anything.   Right now, I'm just beginning this whole process.  This past week, that meant that I ate no meat for breakfast or lunch.  No processed turkey sandwiches any more.  I had 4 meals last week w/ meat and 3 meals it will end up being this week.  I'll leave it at 3 meals this coming week as well and then make it two meals the week after.  While doing this, need to make sure nutrients are being met for sure so reading up quite a bit on that one. 

I honestly don't think I could ever go vegan.  I LOVE dairy just too much.  Eggs, milk, cheese, etc.  Too hard for me personally to do vegan.  However, vegetarian and moving toward a plant based diet is what I could do b/c I do love veggies and fruit.  I've gone two weeks w/ no tea.  Now, those from the south can understand what no sweet tea means.  LOL.  I've drank milk and water.  Well, today I broke.  Rarity we buy soda here but we did.  On a whim and I had a cup of Mountain Dew.  Oh well.  But you know what, it was just enough.  2 weeks, one cup of Mt. Dew I don't think is too shabby considering it's been nothing but milk and water;  oh and some orange juice. 

We like making things from scratch here.  Always have.  The rest of the family does want to make changes as well.  Yana wants to stay healthy for track.  Max for weight lifting.  Irina to lose weight.  Warren and I to lose weight and get healthy.  Alex has been watching his brother so he wants to stay healthy.  Other younger kids could care less and Bojan would eat an entire cow if you let him.  What we all do love though is what Poly Face Farms does.  We are actually contemplating a trip up there for various reasons.  We truly want to purchase organic meat however the price is just outrageous still.  Still thinking.  Like I said, we're at the beginning stages of things right now to start making permanent changes in our eating habits. 

Personally, I've been drinking a lot of water.  That's an easy change b/c I don't mind water one bit.  I've always eaten a good amount of fruit.  Today is our farmer day where we get almost all our fruits and veggies from.  Starting to look at various recipes.  The other day, we needed something super quick.  So, I made spaghetti and cooked up some tofurkey sausage.  Shocking that almost all the kids ate it and asked for more.  Irina didn't like it but that' not surprising.  She literally complains about any meal.  We leave her out of votes and Bojan out of votes when it comes to food.  Irina hates everything and Bojan loves everything he eats.  Their votes don't count.  Rest though loved it.  Sometimes you do need convenience and this was one of those times. 

Trying to get recipes, variety involved.  My goal is by the end of the Summer to live a little differently and feel a lot better.  Trick is finding balance.  Know I can do it though.  Was so happy last week when I lost weight but this week nothing.  Of course, not moving and being in a brace probably had a little to do w/ the #'s on  the scale.  Next week I know I'll be losing .  Can't wait.  Yana wants me to run w/ her.  I said I first have to be able to walk at a decent pace.  LOL.  She said we could run a marathon.  I told her I want to start out w/ a 5K.  Something I wanted to do last month but life got in the way.  Finding a way to balance, like I said.  Suggestions are of course welcomed.  I do know what to do.  My major in school btw was Health and Fitness Specialist.  I know, ironic, isn't it??  My dream is to get back into that feel good healthy shape I used to be in.  And I think changing my diet too will help along w/ the working out. 

Next week, my goal is to eat just 3 meals out of the entire week w/ meat.  No soft drinks, tea, etc.  Also, to cook up one new vegetarian dish for the family.  And no, pizza is not counting kids.  Other goals I've set for myself...going to bed by 11:30 pm.  Drinking more water.  Working out 3X a week w/ cardio, stretching everyday, weightlifting (light) everyday.  Going for walks once a day everyday.  Gardening at least 20 minutes a day (easy one for me as I love it!).  May sound like a lot but those are my goals.  I figured if I can spell it out on here, maybe I'll stick to it.  If I don't post next Friday, you all best ask me why!


  1. I wanted to recommend a link for you being that you are going vegetarian! The link is a nutritionists blog, she is a raw foodist, but has great recomendations for people being vegan and vegetarian as well. I love her! I will also add, regarding to your dairy comment, that above all I would reccomend (as would this nutritionist) that you give up dairy before you give up meat... Dairy is worse for you than meat is, and she actually recommends that people give up dairy completely and just limits their meat (If they want it, that is -- she is vegan) Anyways, here is her website, if I find her "why dairy is awful" link, I will post it later.

  2. When I have avocados that are very ripe, I slice them in half, break an egg in each hole, add salt and pepper and bake them at 400 degrees until I think they are done. I do not want my eggs to be hard so I watch closely. It does not take long to cook. I eat this with toast, add a salad and I have my lunch quickly. Love to read your blog.
    Fran in Ft Worth

  3. I'm with you...I could give up meat...we actually eat very little now! Cheese...NOT so much!!