Saturday, May 12, 2012

A difference a year makes!!!

Okay, started this draft in February.  Better late than never.

Last time this year, we were feeling hopeless, distraught.  We couldn't eat.  We were in tears.  Kids were a wreck.  Everyone was walking on egg shells.  It was a punch in the gut, horrible, horrible feeling.  We couldn't think straight.  Didn't know which direction to turn.  And it all started with a knock on the door.  I have since learned my lesson that you don't let just anyone in your home.  Ever.  Badge or no badge.  By the way, you do NOT have to let CPS in your home.  A website I wished I'd known about beforehand is this one.  Worth the read for sure!  NEVER in a million years would I have thought they'd be knocking on my door.  Never.  I mean, my life is very public.  Kids went to public school last year.  Well, until this happened.  As in most cases, complaint had to have come from the school.  I had entrusted people at the school to protect my children, not hurt them.  The amount of hurt this all caused was unreal.  You do not, do NOT send someone into a home who does not know what RAD or FAS is if their kids have it!  I found it unbelievable that social workers who work for the state were not aware of these disorders.  Blew me away.  When I offered to educate, they declined.  When I offered all our paperwork to help clear our name, they declined.  When I offered to have them speak w/ the kids' parents (kids that I babysat for at the time), they declined.  Any info from doctors I had on the ready, they declined.  It seemed their mind was made up, they were more from the stand point of guilty until proven innocent.  Put it this way, in no way, shape or form would this all hold up in a court of law.  I found out from speaking personally w/ several law officials, that CPS tends to work above the law.  Again, blown away.

I found out just how many were falsely accused after I had mentioned what had happened to us.  Heartbreaking.  Blew me away that someone could think that we'd actually duck tape our kids and tie them up for punishment.  Shoot, just drive by our home any time and I'm sure you'll catch at least one in the yard doing punishment chores.  Oh, and we starve the kids.  BTW, our pediatrician's office actually laughed when I told them that.  She said we'll set them straight!.  Anyhow, I won't reiterate everything that happened as I'm going to post it instead.  The kids are finally, finally at a place where they are healing from this whole ordeal.  All their grades dropped last year when this happened.  Their demeanor changed.  Nothing was fun anymore w/ the looming thought of separation.  That's what they all thought....that they'd be taken away.  My oldest was afraid they'd throw her out on the street since she was of legal age.  They did not understand it all.  anyhow, I'll let  you all read what all transpired those few months.  This is what all cost us the extra $5K.  We were supposed to travel last April.  Instead, ended up being June.  I'll post it all from last year.  I had taken it down during our process but thought it is worth putting it up again.  Others need to know this can happen to anyone, anywhere, any time.  BTW, since this time, I know of 2 other adoptive families this has happened to.  I'm sure there are more but these are two I know of.  In addition, since our case, 2 other neighbors in the neighborhood.  Makes you think.  And now, for the story from last year to follow. 

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