Sunday, May 20, 2012

Day 1 of Camp Cheerio (the waterslide)

We arrive, register and then go to classes.  Kids go to groups.  Then, we all meet up for a water slide.  Too cold for me to try.  Doesn't stop the kids though.

 Kids getting ready to walk over to the water slide.

Summer and Alyona, barefoot and ready to go.

Nik, getting ready to go down for his first run!  This water is ice cold baby!

Nik is flying.  Very slippery.  But fun as you can see.

Took some coaxing but she finally went down.  But Ms. Summer slipped off the slide.  

This one, she got right back up and went back up.  The second time, she got to the bottom and Ms. Beverly was right there to catch her at the end.  This is another thing I love about the camp.  Everyone is like family.  Everyone helps everyone else out. 

Reni was really nervous.  She's one of my chickens.  She did just fine.

Nik is by heart a daredevil.  He'll try anything.  And I mean anything.  Look at that look of just pure joy though.  It's awesome.  He is so, so at home here.

 Now, Alex got some speed on him this year!  He was flying down that slide.

At first, Alyona didn't want to go.  Quickly, she changed her mind.  This is what they look like at the end of the ride.  

He went so fast, I almost didn't get a picture.  Trust me, Logan will have no issues at any type of waterslide adventure this summer.  

 Alex is just insane!  We need one of these things for the front yard.  LOL. 

Reni, taking her ride down.  She went down a few times too.  Chicken be gone. 

All had such a great time with the water slide.  They really did.  All ages do this water slide.  Fun watching it every single year.  After this, we had dinner.  Then, there was a luau dance.  Kids danced the night away.  I'll have more on day one and going to bed or not going to bed.  More to come. 

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