Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Cool link

I've been way too busy today.  So, catch up time tomorrow.  For now though, ran across the coolest link.   Wish I had talent to take photos like this guy.  I can just imagine my kids in some of these.  Take a look:  cool photos .

I will do quite a few posts the next few days.  Much to say.  Bojan's concert, Yana's conference meet, soccer practice, two boys I'm highly disappointed in...again, and much, much more.  Irina works tomorrow.  Lots of school work needs to be done though and errands.  I need a clone this week but can't seem to find one.  On the up side, no more crutches for me.  Just a limp.  church clubs were this evening.  Kids always have an awesome time there.  More tomorrow.  Got to get more paperwork done.  Sorry, no Thoughtful Thursday post.  I'm lucky this week to remember where I live.  I do promise next week to have one of those posts b/c it has been too long lately.  Stay tuned.  Happenings left and right at Chaos Manor.  Also, think it's time for quite a few updates on the kids home for a few months.  And, the ones home a few years.  Can't wait to share.

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