Thursday, May 3, 2012

Casts are off!!

Much rejoicing in this house to finally have casts off two of the kids.  Shoot, even I'm off crutches.  Right now, only issue we're having is Alyona doesn't want to move her arm.  Mind you, it's perfectly fine.  May have to go to bribery soon.  We'll see how she progresses today.  Pictures to follow below but if squeamish, you might want to look away.

Alyona's arm.  Finally, casts off.  No more surgeries for her.  She is so relieved.  After such a bad surgery job the first time, it was difficult even to do this little surgery of taking out her hardware and redoing her scarring.  

Notice how thin the arm is?  It will fill out some but not much.  Many contributing factors for that.  However, she is left-handed so this is a good thing.  Alyona was thrilled to learn the surgeon at Duke actually made her scar smaller.  Much, much smaller and not so ugly.  Hey, to a pre-teen, that's important.  She still has her permanent damage but she has learned to live with it.  

Bojan, getting ready to gross out his siblings who are anxiously awaiting to see some stitches and scarring.  

For the first time in his life, his leg is lined up with his knee.  Can't believe how straight it is.  

Some scarring on the sides.  Overall though, amazing that he could fix it.  Bojan is allowed to weight bear now in the walking boot.  Goes back in 4 weeks for a re-check.  After that, hoping to be cleared for a few years.  Bojan's clubfoot was not quite corrected right in Serbia when he was younger.  Got to remember Western medicine is a bit different here.  What was great was they did fix his fingers at the orphanage.  So, he's needed no hand surgeries here whatsoever.  Bojan is ready to get up and walk.  He doesn't have his prosthetic yet though.  Hopefully, he'll be able to put that on at the end of the week.  We're all ready to see him walk again.  And Bojan is more than ready.  It will be the first time for him ever to walk w/ his foot facing forward versus sideways.  May take some time to get used to.  He's a quick learner though.

More going on.  Kids are taking a break eating popcorn and watching How It's Made.  Neat show.  I re-organized their science folders today.  No wonder they couldn't find anything. URGHH!!  We're starting dinosaurs this afternoon.  More later.  Lunch time and then speech, dinosaurs.  Did math and reading already.  Workbooks later today.  Or maybe we should call it quits and eat some ice cream.  Yeh, I like that last option better. 

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