Thursday, May 24, 2012

Camp Cheerio impact and tidbits around here

Well, the storm cut me off earlier.  A little bit of time to write before clubs this evening.  Kids have church clubs and Warren & I will come home to work on taxes.  No, we did not get our refund yet for the adoption stuff.  URGHH!!!  Filed early February via a CPA.  Got a letter.  Sent in receipts.  Now, this week we get a phone call from IRS man.  You know if you are receiving a personal phone call from the IRS, it can't be all that good.  It wasn't.  Now, we must send in all canceled checks related to the adoption as well as credit card statements. In addition, a few letters.

Well, got too busy.  It's now Thursday.  Got all items together and faxing them in tomorrow.  I know others are in a similar situation and we all watch each other's time lines so figured I'd let you all know where we stand.

I have spent today working on papers.  Not only taxes but on insurance claims.  Lots of them.  Also, wrote out all bills.  Filed things, etc.  It was clean out our non-existent office time for sure.  I was on a roll today.  Even got some additional paperwork items taken care of.  Like filing for a birth cert for Irina.  Slowly but surely, I'll get things checked off this long list of things to do.

Warren got his x-rays.  Doc thinks he knows what's wrong w/ his ankles and may be able to fix things a bit better for him.  That would be wonderful for him to walk better.  Years ago, Warren had a nasty motorcycle accident.  His leg hasn't been right since.  Hoping for the best.

Kids are doing well health wise.  Now Logan has poison ivy.  yeh, that's been an experience for him.  He has a long way to learn about living near the woods.  Our kids that have been here awhile can identify poison snakes, know what critters to stay away from, etc.  Logan is learning...slowly.  LOL.

Max helped out a neighbor today cutting down some tree limbs.  Any chance to use power tools, he's on it.

Went to the pool place today to get things in order for the pool.  Usually, we have it up and running by Memorial Day weekend.  this weekend, Memorial Day snuck up on us.  We're going to a soccer party this weekend, church and then the aquarium at the beach.  Haven't been since we had half this many kids...literally.  Will be great to see it again.  Girls are going shopping w/ a friend tomorrow night and staying over her place.  I'll have the younger girls here.  Not sure how this is going to go w/ the older girls together.  They got into a huge fight.  So bad that Warren had to come back home, pick them up and bring them to me.  See, Warren and I had taken Nik, Summer and Logan to get their haircuts and to the grocery store.  Weren't there more than 5 minutes when we got a call.  Girls on the other end. Now, you'd think at this age, they could work things out.  Nope.  I was NOT happy.  We give them these little "tests" to see how ready they are to be more independent  and such.  didn't happen. 

We have since decided they should be punished.  They need to learn respect for each other.  Tolerance too.  Soo, we have decided temporarily that Yana and Irina will move in w/ the younger 3 girls.  Max & Bojan will temporarily move downstairs into their "own" rooms.  they are thrilled, girls are about to lose it.  They have had their own rooms for so long, I think they have forgotten a few things.  Irina and Yana used to be closer than close and sad to say they are getting further apart.  I know this experiment will not solve that but maybe it may help a bit.  I knew this would happen as they move into different stages of their life.  Guess I was just hoping it wouldn't happen so soon.  Thankful they were close for as long as they were. 

Looking forward to a great Memorial Day weekend.  Burgers on the grill, day trip to the aquarium, soccer party, etc.  More to do.  I'm getting there with organization.  I am.  We are having to make many, many big life decisions lately.  I know I haven't talked much about it.  One is legal guardianship issue.  It is so very difficult as every single person you speak with has a different opinion on the issue.  Especially, when it comes to FASD.  Crazy stuff.  Also, making decisions on our home.  Refi or not.  What to do if we can't sell and things of that nature.  Just lots to think about.  I know everyone has these decisions to make in life.  For now though, many big decisions seem to be coming in the same week.  To keep Alyona home next year or send her to middle school.  She is not life skills.  Yet, doesn't belong in inclusion.  Needs self-contained.  ONE school has it here.  Going to be an interesting meeting when it happens.  See, many decisions to make lately.  Thankfully, I've been walking with a friend everyday and that does help to make the stress less.  

Well, more to come.  Need to print some things off & do some more paperwork.  

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  1. Thanks for the info about taxes. I printed copies of all cancelled checks this morning. I figured I better do it now while it's all still fresh in my head than 2 or 3 years from now.