Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Camp Cheerio-- heading home

Time to write the final chapter on this post and share some final thoughts.  But first, a few more pictures on the trip home.

Alyona and the rest settling in for the 3 hour ride home.  Sad to go.  

I promise, there are people in all those seats.  LOL.  They are just laying around.  No need for a review mirror as you can see.

Summer, asleep w/ a book.  There was a book fair we went to.  Part of the proceeds go to the NCCSA so it is worth donating b/c it helps w/ things the following year.  Normally, our books come from yard sales.  So, kids were truly excited to pick out their own new books.   Alex was out when we left the parking lot.  

Alyona is lucky she's little.  Space is disappearing around here in this van.  We will have a solution by next trip but ideas are welcomed.  Our day trips are no big deal really but the ones you have to bring stuff on are really rough.  

Told the kids come in and just drop it anywhere.  They thought blocking the living room was the place to drop it.  Got to love it.  

Hey, only one fatality while we were away.  Apparently, the fish jumped out of the tank.  Finding Nemo.  I really am surprised the dogs didn't eat him.  Crazy though, huh?  It was a beautiful goldfish.  He was the smaller of the two. 

Well, wanted to say more but storm clouds are rolling in and thunder.  Shutting it down.  We have church clubs this evening.  Warren and I will be doing major paperwork this evening regarding taxes.  Speaking w/ our CPA tomorrow morning.  Warren got his x-rays today for his ankles.  Lightening.  Signing off.  More on thoughts on Camp cheerio later.

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  1. Stephanie,
    I love seeing your gang every year at Camp cheerio! I am so glad you all had a great time. I loved seeing your pics of the Camp Experience part. Ithink it was enjoyed by everyone. Loved all the pictures.
    see you next year!
    Holly S