Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Camp Cheerio Day 3 (final day)

I left with us going to classes one last time and then all getting together and planning for next year. It's wonderful to see the new people that came want to come back.  That's the way we felt the first year as well.  Such a bond there and camaraderie.  So, now some final pictures from camp.

Enjoying the outdoors one last time.  Saying good bye to new friends.

 Mom and Summer enjoying our rocking chair.  We really must get an outdoor rocking chair.  

Summer, showing off her necklace she made in class.  Very proud.

Irina against the clear blue skies.  She did so awesome as a volunteer this year, they want her back w/ the same group!  This is wonderful for Irina.  She has always been great with kids.  

Summer, sharing with Daddy all what she did in class. 

I really wanted to hurt the person who gave 2 of my kids punching balloons to go home with.  LOL.  Their class gave them out.  Nik deciding he liked the annoying sounds it made.  BTW, it popped in the car.  

One last game before we have to take off the 3 hour ride home.

Nik, in his element.  This is his place.  His comfort zone.  This is where year after year, he learns a little more that it's okay to be deaf.  He's not embarrassed here. He's not corrected here if he speaks wrong.  He is just a 9yo boy having fun with friends here.  Since home, he is starting to speak in even more sentences and putting more words together.  He now wants to communicate.  It's worth everything to get to come here year after year.  It has changed his life for the better for sure.  

The trip home is next.  Right now though, on a hunt for canceled checks.  Reading statements.  Calling Advanced Bionics yet again as they did NOT give me a receipt to file our insurance claim for.  The paperwork I have today is intense.  Church clubs this evening so maybe then we'll be able to accomplish more.  More later though.  Much on our minds this week.  Just received a video from a friend.  Will post later.  The resemblance to Summer is unreal.  Just uncanny.  Mannerisms and all.  Makes you go.....hmmm.  I don't know about Bulgarian medicals enough (just know ours were rather inaccurate) but do know that Nik's medicals/ history were all falsified.  Umm, can't give shots to a kid that wasn't even born yet.  LOL.  Anyhow, is it remotely possible that some things were left off of Summer's reports?   I doubt it but it's one of those things you see and go hmmm.  All we've said since we've seen it is "wow."  We're speechless.  All of us.  Looks like an older Summer.  More on it all later.  Just tons to do and not enough time in the day lately.  One more Cheerio post and then a lot of what's happening here.

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