Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Camp Cheerio Day 3 (final day)

For some reason, the days seem longer at Camp Cheerio yet so short at the same time.  You just don't want to leave.  You don't want to say goodbye to friends who understand what you are going through.  You don't want to say goodbye to good times.  Laughing.  Something that sometimes you forget how to do at home for some reason.  You get bogged down and finally have discovered why you do what you do each and every day.  You don't want to say goodbye to the views, the peacefulness of it all.  There is a different kind of atmosphere at Camp Cheerio.  Yet, you take what you've learned home with you and move forward with all that you have discovered.

Time to pack up before breakfast.  Load up the van.

Time to walk to breakfast in the beautiful mountain sunshine.

Summer, who did her own hair that morning, enjoying some pancakes.  

Nik, enjoying his breakfast time.  BTW, he loves those hands up on the wall.

One last chance to ring the dining hall bell.  Kids love to do this.

Some last moments enjoying the view that we've come to love over the years.

Just can't beat the view.  Stone Mountain is out there.  Teens hiked that 8 miles this year.  

Pure relaxation and appreciation of nature.  

Now this is the place to hang out every morning.  A good thing we don't have this at our home or they'd never get anything done.  

Bojan, trying to be Mr. Cool. 

After morning breakfast, kids went to classes as did the adults.  Taking in everything from the weekend.  Warren and I got to sit in for next year's brainstorming session of what to do.  I had a few ideas.  And, getting to be in touch w/ the ones who plan the teen activities for next year.  I guess w/ 4, almost 5 teens in the house, we can come up w/ some stuff.  LOL.  It's hard to improve on the wonderful times year after year.  yet, somehow, some way, each year is better and better.   Truly amazing the group they have organizing this.  There were 252 people in attendance this year.  Full capacity is at 280.  I'm sure next year, it will be full.  There were 19 new families this year!  Had a great time meeting quite a few of them.  Each one has a story and always refreshing to hear how they have handled their child's hearing loss.  You are able to take away something from each family.  I do believe it makes us better parents to learn from others.  Much more to come.  But, need to get some schooling done.  I let everyone sleep in as last night was a nightmare.  More on that in another post.  Can't let this one go.   For now though, one or two more posts on the last day of Camp Cheerio.  Then, onto happenings at Chaos Manor.  Trust me, lots of them. 

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