Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Camp Cheerio Day 2 (camp experience)

Every year, the parents attend classes while the kids get to go have fun.  Well, this year, we were able to change things up a bit and got very excited.  parents got to have a day (2 hours) of the camp experience.  We were able to do the canoes if we wanted, archery and the rock climbing wall.  So, Warren and I headed off to archery first.  Wanted to see if I could remember anything whatsoever from college.

We did not get to play in the vertical playpen but I thought it was cool looking.

Isn't that cool?!  Scary close up though.  This one would take some guts for sure.

Warren, getting ready to take his shot.  He did not take any of me thankfully.  Otherwise, you would have seen my basic mistake.....forgetting to put on the wrist guard so you don't get stung.  Yep, still have two pretty big bruises on my arm b/c of that.  But, I hit the target!  No, not the yellow part.  But in the red so not too bad.  

This is a barn they are redoing.  Beautiful.  This is the type of design we are actually contemplating if we ever get to move.  Yes, a barn.  Stalls are a perfect size.  The layout is ideal for our family.  

This is a picture of the pond that we all take canoes on.  Just a nice setting.  Peaceful.  

Warren had to get back down after this shot.  He's not afraid, he used to be a pilot for fun.  You know, before kids.  His ankles/ feet were in intense pain.  He went to the orthopedist yesterday and x-rays and such have been ordered.  Doc seems to know what's going on and it can be treated which is awesome.  Doc said "aren't you in pain to walk?"  Warren said he'd gotten used to it all these years.  So, putting all your weight and pressure on two bad ankles was not the brightest idea.  

It's my turn.  For those that don't know, I am petrified (not scared!), yes petrified of heights.  On our adoption trips, Dramamine is my friend.  I don't do roller coasters or ferris wheels.  I told them ahead of time I would be lucky to get off the ground.  

It took a lot just to take those few steps.  I know to you all it doesn't look like much.  But someone who has an issue looking out a building on the 20th floor, has issues with heights.  My office used to be on the 20th floor.  All windows.  So this rock climbing wall was something else for me.  

At one point, I actually thought I could do it.  

I quickly realize, my fears are taking over again and it's all I can do.  

 About halfway was all I could do.  I know it was not a big wall but for me, it was ginormous.  I wanted to ring that cow bell at the top so badly.  I have a ways to go.  BTW, I will never be that big again in this gear.  Next year, you will see a different body.  Can't wait to see what I've lost this week.  Though disappointed, I got in the gear, I actually went up and I gave it a shot.  That is more than I would have done a few months ago.  Next year, I'm ringing that bell!  

After our camp experience, we had to pick up our kids.  This is how we found Bojan.  

Nik made his own mask.  And, learned he can climbed the totem poles to the top.  Umm, he's NOT supposed to climb the poles.  

Everyone at camp fell in love with this guy.  you don't meet many like him.  His name is Kris Martin and he's a race car driver.  A very good one at that.  Oh, and he happens to be deaf.  He took time out to talk to us one evening.  I asked him some personal questions and he was willing to answer.  He gave me some very solid and great advice for Nik.  I came away more comfortable about Nik than I have been in a very long time.  Can not thank him enough for that.  He couldn't read either for a very long time.  Said how his mom helped him.  Gave me ideas to try with Nik.  BTW, Nik has decided his haircut this evening will look like Kris'. He's  a motivational speaker and an all around great guy.  I was very thankful we got to meet him and talk to him.  I do hope he can come around again in the future.  Kids all left with great information taught by him.

So, after dinner, we had the magic show.  Pictures to follow.  Then, an ice cream social and bonfire.  Busy, busy day and night.  Fun just never ends here.  Neither do the connections.  I met two families interested in adoption.  I met someone who knows someone w/ two FASD adults.  More ideas for Nik.  And more friends made.  More to come. 

I'm busy working on the IRS fiasco.  And the IEP for Alyona.  And the IEP's for the teens.  And the PPR that was never apostilled and the list goes on.  Normal week in Chaos Manor.  More later.  Storms moving in and need to shut this down.  Just want to share all our pictures. 

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