Monday, May 21, 2012

Camp Cheerio Day 2 (breakfast calls & what we do)

 After a long night, it was up and adam and time for breakfast.  We walk together for breakfast & then some of the kids meet up with friends.

We had the best weather ever!  Always green and clean at this camp.  Maybe I should make the kids walk to breakfast all the time.  They were actually ready and dressed to go.  

 Had some time so decided some pics were in order.  The girls letting me take a shot of them together. 

Bojan, pretending to be blind.  No idea why.  As if the prosthetic and boot weren't enough of an attention getter.  Boys were not as cooperative for a group shot.

Oh my, all 10 together!  Now that's a miracle.  Would have been nice to get a clear shot but beggers can't be choosers, right?

Aren't the views spectacular?!

Just simply amazing to look at.  It never gets old day after day.  Never.   All my kids have asked to live here.  

Daddy, walking his youngest daughter.  She was much more alert than the first day, that's for sure.

Not the best shot but look....Yana and Alyona are actually holding onto each other.  See, miracles do happen here.  

After breakfasts, before classes start, we have a few minutes.  So, on the porch to enjoy some vistas and some sunshine.  

Yana, the rare teen shot caught.  

After breakfasts, the kids go to their groups.  Adults to theirs.  Then, we all meet up for lunch.  After that, more groups for kids and something new for adults this year.  What they called the camp experience.  Can't wait to share.  Teens went on an 8 mile hike on stone mountain.  Irina was a volunteer this year so she didn't go.  I heard she did awesome as a volunteer and they want her back!  Relieved.  I do not have pictures with the kids & their activities such as crafts, hiking or canoeing as we are in classes when they have these.  Trust me, they had an awesome time.  More to come on day 2 and the camp experience for Warren and I. 

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  1. This place is beautiful! I am so glad you are all having a nice time. Worth all the stress of packing! I think having each kids name on the towel is so smart! I need to remember that one!