Monday, May 21, 2012

Camp Cheerio Day 1 (continued)

I need a more happy post to balance out my mood right now.

 Passing time by playing games outside the cabin door.  We stay in the same cabin.  The Mohican.  They renovated all cabins last year and they are very nice now.  

Playing the game where you try and get the ring on the hook.  They all had fun trying this.  So did I. 

 Playing a game outside while waiting to head to dinner.  This was all after the water slide.

While everyone else went dancing, Irina brought Summer back to the cabin.  She crashed.  She then woke up  and headed to the cafeteria to be with us.  

Relaxing on the back of the cafeteria watching the sun go down.  This was after the dance.  We all came to the cafeteria and had hot cocoa.  Except they were out so we had hot tea instead.  Awesome peppermint tea. 

 Nik, just beyond happy to be here with friends who are also deaf/ HI. 

 Summer, rocking with Daddy.  She is trying so hard to stay awake.  Can you tell?  

She can barely muster a smile, she's so tired.

 Reni, enjoying the view and just relaxing. 

Yeh, you try getting a teenage boy to smile. 

So, after the water slide, we ate dinner.  Then there was a dance that the kids went to. A nice evening walk and just sipping tea in the great outdoors.  Beautiful views.  Relaxing evening talking about our day.  Then, time to go to bed.  No one wanted to settle down of course. I did not sleep the first night and neither did Warren.  Umm, anyone of you ever slept in the same room w/ orphanage "rockers?"  They should use it as a form of torture.  Truly, they should.  I know they can't help it but next year, I'm bringing ear plugs or at least a music player.  Day 2 post is next! 

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