Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Camp Cheerio Countdown

Kids have been insane about counting down the days till we leave.  Shoot, Max even printed off directions at school.  Nik made his special poster for the countdown.  Today, all have been bugging me to pack their back packs & what to bring.  Excitement doesn't even begin to describe the feeling.  Must admit, I'm just as excited too.  Ready to go, relax and learn.  Love meeting new folks and seeing everyone have such a great time.  Atmosphere is incredible.  Weather for the weekend could not be better.  73 and sunny.  Incredible!  I can not wait to have the new kids experience this as well.  They can definitely sense it is something fun.  We've been going over rules at dinner this week.  Tomorrow we pack up.  Friday morning, we leave.  I'll probably make french toast or something for breakfast that morning.  Or maybe just go simple & have oatmeal.  Either way, full bellies and in the car we'll go.  Thought you all might enjoy a few group shots from previous years.  For some reason, I have no pics from 2007.  Can't find them at all.  But, you'll be able to see how much the kids have grown over the years.

Camp Cheerio 2008.  They looked so little back then.  

Camp Cheerio 2009.  Growing like weeds!

Camp Cheerio 2010.  Almost doesn't look like the same group.  

Camp Cheerio 2011.  I almost hate to see what this year's picture will look like!  They're way too grown up here!  We tried to bring our travel gnome to Bulgaria too but he broke in the suitcase.  We have since glued him back together.  He may have to travel again.  Well, this was a bit of a blast from the past.  Tomorrow, lots to do.  School, bank, haircuts, snack/ drink donations to get for camp, appointments to make, glasses to buy, etc.  Thankfully, Irina is off work and home to help out.  I'll post tomorrow & most likely Friday.  Nothing Saturday and then post Sunday evening.  I get a break from the computer, phone, tv, etc.  LOVE IT!!!!   We are ready to go!!! 

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