Sunday, May 6, 2012

Bojan's recovery

How's Bojan doing?  Well, other than attitude, great!  He is 13 you know.  Attitude comes with the territory.  LOL.  No, I wanted to update you on how Bojan's doing after surgery and now that the cast is off.  It was taken off last  week. 

Well, take a look.  He's upright!  Trying anyways.  It is very difficult.  Very, very difficult.  Major work was done and it was in one position for so long.  In addition, his leg has never been this straight.  Never faced forward before.  So he has to totally learn to walk a different way.  But, Bojan is resilient.  He is really walking Takes him awhile but he's doing it.  I'm leary about him going to school tomorrow but I'm sure he'll be okay.  He's in a walking boot.  Using my crutches.  Bojan wants to be off of them by Camp Cheerio.  I think he will be at this rate.  

Got to go.  More to come later.  Trying to catch up on emails as a storm knocked out some things for a bit yesterday.  Fried our pool pump outlet but thankfully, not the pump.  Did a lot this weekend and ready to share. 

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