Thursday, May 3, 2012

Bojan's concert

As some of you know, Bojan is in 6th grade and started playing trumpet this year.  He loves it.  Honestly, I never thought he'd stick with it but he did and has acquired a passion for music.  BTW, he is the only one of our 10 kids that are musically inclined so it is nice to see.  I played the flute & piccolo in high school and college.  Warren played trumpet and honestly a ton of other instruments too.  He was one that had talent unlike myself.   So, on Tuesday, Bojan had his concert.  Same day boys had soccer.  Plans were for Warren to come home and take the boys to soccer.  All they had to do was get dressed.  I think the neighbors may have heard my voice from across the street.  The ONLY thing I ever ask is for them to have their stuff together. I hate, hate last minute hunting for items.  Knwowing full well you had all day to find it.  URGHH!!!  Girls assisted and let them use some of the girls' shin guards.  The whole thing really was just a mess.  Anyhow, Warren got home in time to take Logan, Alex and Nik to soccer.  I took Bojan and the 5 girls w/ me.  Max stayed home to much disappointment of Bojan.  I actually was really surprised.  Think he just had a rough day. 

Anyhow, get to the school and unload Bojan which is no easy task.  Keep in mind, I'm in that stupid black knee immoblizer brace.  We must have looked like a car accident victims in the making.  The rest of us parked and hobbled to the gym.  Sat down and realized I did not take Summer to the bathroom before we left.  So, Irina took her.  During the concert, Alyona bent down and I noticed the tick on her head.  Yana was decked out in her track gear as she had just gotten home.  Glad the audience was casual dress.  Had her take the pictures.  Well, camera wasn't working.  I know we need a new one it's just an expense I'm trying to avoid at the moment.  So, she did manage to grab  a few though.  Here they are:

Here is the one thing I honestly wished they wouldn't have done.  They wheeled him out first all by himself.  I wished he would have just gone w/ the class in order since he's on the end. You know, to be a part of the band.  I'm sure there were reasons but kind of sad when I saw that.  

They first started w/ a bunch of warm up exercises and scales.  Here, they were just using their mouth pieces.  

Bojan in action!  Playing the trumpet.  It's great to hear when they actually play songs and not just scales.  Listening to him practice at home, you really hear just how far he's come this year.

A picture of the band.  These are 6th graders just starting out.  you never know which ones will make music a long term career.  Either way, I love that he's playing and enjoying it.  He did great and we're proud of Bojan.  The girls enjoyed seeing him play.  It obviously sounds much different to them than just their brother practicing alone at home.  We'll do what we can to encourage Bojan's love of music.  The middle school did a great job of performing for sure.  I was clawing the seats at the end but that is only b/c every little sound was killing me.  Went in w/ a huge migraine and came out w/ a bigger one.  LOL.  Even so, they sounded awesome and have truly come a long way.  Can't wait to see where this will take him. 

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