Friday, May 18, 2012

Blue Ridge Mountains here we come!!!

This morning we leave.  You can just feel the excitement everywhere!  Lucky kids get to sleep in the car.  Yesterday was hectic as usual.  Though mellow during the day, we started losing it later in the evening.  Irina's meds were not available at the pharmacy at work.  So, Warren had to go to another one as these are the type of meds you are not allowed to miss.  He came home and we made the decision to take Nik in.  See, for 3 days he's been complaining his throat/ chest hurt.  Now, I listened, he wasn't asthmatic sounding, airways sounded clear, wasn't struggling to breath, no red throat, no fever, etc.  However, he kept telling me he had popcorn stuck in his throat.  Since it was going on so long, decided he should go in.  Long story short, he's fine.  Doc found nothing as well.  Most likely, ate something hard, scratched his throat all up and there you have it.  Still, sometimes you just want to be sure.  Warren made burgers for dinner and then the kids headed to bed.  Not easy.  Before that, we had to take care of a few things.

What would an evening be w/out a hole in shorts.  Reni's.  So, Yana volunteered to fix them.  Umm, I do not sew. So far, that is Warren and Yana that sew in this house.  

Summer, trying to sneak a magic want in the bag.  Nice one kiddo.

My two youngest ready for their adventure.

 This is a shot of half of what we have to take.  Seriously, it's only half.  When you need 12 sleeping bags and 12 bags of clothing for a family, it takes up mega space.  Hence, the hunt for the shuttle bus at an auction or something.  Looked at renting one for our big trip next month but it would be $1200.  Can't do it.  Looking for solutions for our next trip.  We don't have a trailer or a hitch on this van.  Did w/ the last one.  Suggestions welcomed on that one.  This is only for 3 days.  Next month, over a week!  Kids will have to be come hood ornaments to make room.  LOL. 

Max, fixing our vacuum the night before the trip.  Never dull is it?

Well, next post will be Sunday evening to tell you all how it went.  Just ready to enjoy it all again this year and learn lots!  Meeting old friends and making new ones.  Have a wonderful weekend everyone.  I know we will!

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  1. Have you checked ebay for a bus? You can buy a school bus there for like $2000 and shuttle type busses for 20-24 passengers for about $20K.