Monday, May 14, 2012

Blast from the past (different)

I usually do one of these each month but getting close to having done quite a few already.  So, decided to look through the picture files.  Found one I totally forgot about.  A friend from Serbia sent us these pictures of Bojan that she found.  They are from 2004.  Christmas time so Bojan would just be turning 5 then.   We adopted him in Jan/Feb. of 2005.  Thought it would be nice to enjoy them and share them w/ everyone.

Bojan is the little boy on the left. It's Lubica's birthday.  She was adopted right after Bojan.  She was Bojan's best friend.  She now lives in NY.  Small world.  

Bojan with one of his caretakers.  Tanya.  They truly did love and care about him there and it showed.  Now that Bojan is older, he can tell us all sorts of things.  He has some great memories which I'm very thankful for.  Isn't he so cute looking!  I believe this is the same restaurant on the river that we ate with him but can't remember exactly.  It was pretty even in the middle of winter.

 Bojan looks ready to go visit with Santa.  Nice that they celebrated holidays and such with them. 

Blowing out the candles on her cake.  She was SO sweet.  Feel in love with her and was so happy she found her family.  

 Looks like a party atmosphere and so glad they got to enjoy it. 

Can't believe Bojan was ever that little.  

And that's a little bit of a blast from the past.  More to come later tonight.  Trying to get a few things done. 

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