Thursday, May 24, 2012

Big Bubbles

The other day, Nik was not happy he could make bubbles w/ the wand any more.  So, he decided to improvise. 

Nik went and found a pipe w/ a big hole in it.  

What creativity for sure!  All his concentration was on blowing that bubble.

 He was mastering this bubble blowing by the end.  It really was cool. 

He tried many different ways to get that to work.  It really was cool.  Other kids were impressed as well.  

More topics.  I have once again started a ton of drafts and never put them up.  Next few days, you'll see probably 11 posts come up.  LOL.  That's how many drafts I have & that's my goal to get finished.  Yeh, you can stop laughing now b/c I too know that's not going to happen.  Our weekend will be busy once again.  Soccer party, church, day trip to the beach for the aquarium.  Oh and cleaning the house for sure.  But I will try to get at least five of them up. 

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