Friday, May 11, 2012

Bargains, bargains everywhere!

As some of you may have summized by now, I am a bargain hunter.  Have to be with this crowd really.  We seriously try not to pay retail for anything unless absolutely necessary.  Vacuums and furniture come to mind.  Even then, it must be on sale.  So, thought I'd share a few of our recent bargains. 

Awhile back, Lowes Home Improvement had some pots on sale.  they were starting to die off. It's the 50% off rack.  So, for $3.00, I got this pot full of lettuce.  I've already cut it three times and it continues to grow back.  It's delicious and we use it for salads.  Only regret...not buying a few more.  They've paid for themselves already.  And yes, that Shrek green pool is slowly turning to an Adriatic blue color.  

 We went to the store the other day and hit the clearance bin.  I typically do not buy hot dogs but for .89 a pack, Max can grill them for the kids.  All sorts of deli meats on sale.  Mostly, Hillshire farms and Oscar Mayer.  Kids use those for lunches at school.  Turkey cups to put on top of salads.  Tofu not on sale. It's mine.  

More of the meat we scored.  Corn is fresh and frozen.  We get that from our local farmer.  Delicious!  Nothing like fresh corn.  

Sausage for breakfasts was on sale.  Kids know I don't get this stuff unless on sale so they were pretty dog gone psyched about it.  We find bread on sale, we also freeze it.  Though we still like making our own.  Nice to have some pre-made that you just take out.  You know, for those insane kind of days.

We also scored 2 veggie trays.  After school snacks.  perfect!

Impatients are so, so cheap and I think look great.  These will grow much taller and fuller through the season.  Not bad for $1.68 for 6 plants.  I have about $2 in this one.  

Nik, showing off the beads he made w/ the yardsale finds last weekend.   He and Summer were having a great tiem w/ them. 

Bubbles everywhere!

I found this at a yardsale.  Can't remember the cost but know it was well under a dollar.  It is the coolest bubble maker I have ever found.  Makes small ones and gigantic large ones.  Neighbor kids and ours had a blast w/ this this afternoon.  I had a pretty good time myself.  Nothing like bubbles to take you back to a simple time.  

Those are just a few of the bargains we found.  In addition, another mother at soccer told me of a bread outlet that is NOT closed.  All the local ones here and the next town over are closed.  This is a Flowers store so Nature's Own products.  Being that we go through 40 to 50 loaves of bread a month, this is awesome, awesome news.  Checking it out tomorrow for sure!  Some call it cheap, some call it frugal, but we call it smart budgeting.  Why pay full price if you don't have to?  Just thought I'd share some of our finds.  Have a great evening.

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