Friday, May 11, 2012

And the countdown has begun...

The countdown to Camp Cheerio that is!  The kids have been counting down for awhile now.  Nik even drew his own calender and chain links. 

Nik made these chain links to count down the days till we leave.  To say he's excited would be an understatement.

The calender countdown.  He even drew pictures!  First house picture is a picture of the cabin we stay in.  No, there is no fireplace there.  LOL.  2nd picture is of the cafeteria.  It is tables w/ people sitting.  Above on the wall is the hand tapestry that is hanging up.  If you've been, you know it.  3rd pic is of the waterslide we do on the hill.  4 picture is of the bunks we sleep in.  

He took a lot of thought into all this.  He actually started to pack yesterday.  The camp means that much to him and all of us.  I seriously don't even know how to thank the sponsor that allowed us to go this year.  An incredible gift that can not be put into simple words.  It is life changing for many of our kids.  And the three newest Boyd additions get to enjoy this experience for the first time this year.  Can't wait!  So yes, the count down has indeed begun. 

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