Thursday, May 3, 2012

And.... another one's gone

That's right.  Another one is gone in our house.  What is gone you say? 

Why a tooth of course!  Nik lost another tooth and was thrilled.  It was funny b/c he signed tooth fairy by flapping little wings by his shoulder.  He insisted we leave the window open.  See, in our house the tooth mouse comes.  This started w/ Yana and Alex.  Yana told us all about how the tooth mouse came in Russia.  Now, I have yet to hear about this tooth mouse from any other Russian adoptee but it sort of stuck in this house so we go with it.  We have to leave a window open for the mouse to climb in and out and get the tooth.  Ease the fears of the dogs eating said mouse.  Yeh, lots of trouble this tale is for sure.  Yet, all these years we do it over and over again.  Nik found his dollar this 4 am.  Bojan was highly irate to hear of said tooth loss.  At 4 am.  Nik is now trying to loosen more teeth.  He looks so grown up here to me in this picture.  

Okay, three posts so far today.  Not too bad.  I'm getting there.  Kids ate/ eating lunch and getting ready for our dinosaur lapbook.  Nik and Summer already ran around outside in the water.  Speech therapist here.

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