Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Camp Cheerio Day 2 (the night)

After the camp experience for parents, we had dinner.  Then it was another fun filled busy night at camp.  Learning from others.  We had the magic show.  Now, before we even got to camp, Nik begged for his hand to be sliced off.  See, last year they had a magician w/ a guiloteen.  Of course mini Stephen King was dying to go up on stage for that this year.  I kept telling him it's hard to get picked to go on stage w/ so many people there.  Well, they made his year.  Literally made his year.  If you could have just seen the look on his face.  Priceless.

Nik could barely contain his excitement when he was chosen.  

Nik looking at the interpreter.

Nik, getting help from Ms. Beverly.  She is just awesome!  

Nik at one point was looking to make sure I was still there.  

Showing his card to the audience.  Sorry such blurry pictures.  

Part of the audience.  There were two sets of full bleachers behind them.  

 Nik was thrilled he got to stay on stage for so long.  He was SO nervous but just content to be up there.  Glad they let him do it.  It really made him feel so very special. Despite him not being able to communicate, he always feels welcomed at this camp. 

When they said bonfire, we were thinking a real bonfire.  Umm, no.  This is what they call a bonfire.  Now, my kids are used to a bonfire at the farm.  Flames past the tree tops type of fire.  However, we had such a great time here.   The people above (staff) sing camp songs.  We were cracking up and still can not get that stupid milk sign out of our heads.  Laughed the entire way home about it.  

After the fire, we came home.  They worked on  a puzzle.  See a family had won a gift basket full of games.  They were sweet enough to give a puzzle to Summer.  Kids had a great time putting it together.  

Bojan.  Rarely saw him the whole weekend as he was hanging out with a group of girls.  His older sibs had a great time w/ that one.  LOL.  He was getting mad w/ all the teasing going on.  I swear this could could mess up a CSI clean room in a second.  

Irina, getting ready to go to sleep.  Well, what we call sleep in a cabin with 12 of us.  Not too much sleep you know.  I always say I'm bringing ear plugs.  Maybe next year.  More to come on the final day and all our thoughts about the whole trip. 

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