Monday, April 30, 2012

Yana's track meet

This season, we have not been able to go to the track meets like we wanted to.  Sorry but I can not spend over $50 each time to go.  It's $6 a person to get in.  I've seen many stand outside the fences though but I figured if we tried that we'd make too much of a scene.  So, told her we would definitely go to one.  Last Thursday they had a home meet.  Now, Irina told me she'd be able to come b/c she'd be home early from work.  Didn't happen.  Had to make other plans as it is too hard to go alone w/ them.  Trust me on that one.  Put it this way, they say one FASer is the equivalent of three children.  Plus, I have three who still would not know what to do or where to go if they got lost at such a venue.  Hence, bring an older one w/ me to help.  Since Irina couldn't go, made Max go.  He's stronger than I am to lift Bojan in and out of the van anyhow. 

Got to the meet just in time to see her run.  What a relief we didn't miss it!  Neat to see your kids in action.  She loves to run so nice to see her in her element.  I did not get pics of her running as we had just arrived & frankly were too busy watching her run around the track.  But, do have some pics of them hanging around the stadium.

Not the best shot of Yana.  She'll kill me for it later.  She forgot her running shorts.  Things disappear in this house.  I'm telling you.

Bojan, resting in the sun.  

 Two of my girls.  Summer and Yana.  Aren't they cute together.

Nik was all over the place so caught him when I could.  It was funny b/c some high schoolers were gathered below attempting to do handstands.  It was killing Nik and Logan b/c they walk on their hands all the time.  Even down stairs.  So, I gave them the nod it was okay to go down to the high schoolers.  Logan and Nik did their thing and I heard "oooh", "wow!"  "look at that!"  It made the younger boys day to show off what they could do by some high schoolers.

Yana, helping to clear the track.  Now, if only she'd clear her room.  LOL.

 Brothers, just hanging out and watching the race.

Summer, watching her sister Yana clear the track.  Love the outfit.  See, Warren was going to come pick the girls up to go to soccer practice while I stayed & finished watching the meet.  However, Yana was not running the mile so I went home earlier and we left together for practice.  Yana had to stay till evening b/c there was a cultural fair afterwards that she was doing.

Sisters all the way.  Yes, well worth the wait to see this!  

 Alyona, resting comfortably.

Only my son would come to watch a track meet and collect rocks.  Go figure.

Was really cool seeing Yana run.  BTW, she is going to conference this Thursday!  Can't wait to hear more.  See, slowly catching up on last week's events.  I'll get there.  I know I share very limited info about my teens.  However, I think they are entitled to their privacy a bit.  Yet, I got yelled at the other day of "how come you don't have many pictures of the high schoolers on there mom?"  I really thought they would not like that.  I have been given permission to post if I'd like.  So I am.  You still won't see as much as the younger kids but I will share some of their life.  Yana is our runner and loves it.  Thought I should share her passion with you all.  I love that each of our kids has their own niche.  More later.

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