Friday, April 27, 2012

What are they doing??

There are just not enough pictures lately.  So, thought I'd put one up.  Do you have any idea what they're doing. 

This was when we were studying Earth Day.  I'll have more on this pictures and much better pictures later tonight.  Taking a break.  We've been cleaning since we woke up.  Kids are watching episodes of How It's Made.  They love it.  And, never hurts to learn something.  Someone is coming by to look at the house today.  Kids are excited.  Though Warren and I know it takes quite a few people coming by to look to find a buyer, kids are under the impression this is it.  LOL.  I'm trying to explain the selling process to them but it's not quite working.  Hey, they're cleaning so I should let it go.  Cake's in the oven.  Smells great.  Now, to keep that smell all day.  Not going to happen.  Something is wrong w/ my aquarium so my room smells like fish.  Nice for showing a house, huh?  URGHH!!!  Candles.  More candles.  Really, the master bedroom does not normally smell like fish.  Got to love it.  Life.  It happens.  more later.  Any guesses on what some of my homeschoolers are doing?


  1. Inconspicuously waiting for the mothership to pick them up at the appointed date and location? Nik sees it coming...

  2. Looks like they are doing what my kids are doing these days: sucking the honey from the honeysuckle!

  3. Picking some type of edible berry? or Honeysuckle?