Thursday, April 26, 2012

Vote for Summer-- new link

This is the strangest contest.  The link to her changes daily depending upon ranking.  She was #710 then #35 and now # 51.  I know we can get her back up in the ranks again.  So, please vote for our Bulgarian Beauty today.  You can vote once a day!  Share the link w/ everyone & everyone if you don't mind.  Would be a wonderful opportunity for her.  This is one part of the contest.  2nd part the staff choses a some of the finalists.  One would get to go on the cover.  Imagine the story we could tell and spread the word of adoption?!  Anyhow, vote and share.  vote and share.  LOL.  Here's the link again:

more posts later tonight.  Hey, got 4 posts in yesterday.  Kids are really coming along on their multiplication.  Reading...not so much.  All have so many processing issues it is very difficult. However, we're not giving up.  Just thinking differently for next year.  Thanks again for taking the time to vote.  Only takes a second.

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