Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Update on surgery patients

I thought I should update how Bojan and Alyona are doing post-op.  Very well.  Alyona has been off pain meds for quite some time.  Only gave her the hefty duty stuff for about 2.5 days.  Then, just Tylenol.  She functions fine w/ the cast on.  Even plays soccer again now.  Doc said it was okay.  She's mad b/c I won't let her on the trampoline but oh well.  Not really afraid of her hurting herself but more afraid of her knocking someone out w/ that cast.

As you can see, she has no issues sporting that cast.  She found fashion that works.  Her only major complaint now is that it itches...badly.

Bojan obviously took longer to heal as his was more major surgery.  Even now, it hurts if someone knocks into him.  But, overall, he's doing just fine.  Fine enough to do wheelies in the wheelchair, fall over and get back up.  You'd think at 13yo that common sense would kick in.  Umm, nope.  It doesn't.  Bojan's major complaint now is that he can't walk.  He's tired of sitting all day.  Since the cast is all the way up, he can't crawl around like he did w/ previous surgeries.  Its a tough one.  But, May 1st, casts are rechecked and hoping at the very least, he get a smaller cast.  If all healed, then the boot.  He's counting down the days.  

So, overall, going very well for both of them.  First few days were rough for all of us, especially since I was sick at the same time.  But, you muddle through and alls well that ends well.  More posts.  Playing catch up as usual.  Alex is spending the night at a friend's house as it's spring break here.   Soccer practice was this evening and kids did well.  Church clubs start back next week and kids are very excited about it.  Me too! 

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