Thursday, April 5, 2012

Time for some color

For the most part, I have done nothing thus far for Easter.  We didn't even go to Palm Sunday.  Remember, Reni pushing Alyona off the steps on our way to church and the boys in bedroom slippers?  Yeh, that weekend.  Realized we didn't put up our normal Easter decorations or anything.  Just really behind this year.  I'd blame it on the surgeries but really, that only took up a week of our time.  I could blame it on soccer practices or the other things but they happen every year.  I can honestly say, I'm just behind this year.  No other excuses.  So, this week I decided we best get in the spirit at least a little bit. 

Alyona and Summer looking on at their eggs.  Irina and I did a poor guess at what color tablets go where.  LOL.

We had two egg stations going on and plenty of help.

Irina and Max were great about helping out the younger kids.

He looks awful here but Alex just came in from running around outside.  Still, he wanted to color eggs too.  Tired or not.

 Nik, always willing to smile for the camera.

Nik and Logan waiting for their eggs to color.

 Think we started to get some real beauties here.

Reni, working on her special egg.  

Since it was her birthday, she wanted to make one w/ the #10 on it.

 I think she's having fun, how about you?  Her first time coloring Easter eggs.

Logan, showing off his egg.  My new Bulgarian kiddos really did enjoy the event.  Reni and Logan did this in Bulgaria too.  Though, I hate the fact that they used to crack the eggs open w/ their heads over there. URGHH.  Blue dye all over their foreheads.  

You would think a 13yo could eat w/out getting smurf blue.  Nope.  

Everyone seemed to have a decent time.  At least, no one complained. That's always a plus.  Many things to say but for another post.  Just wanted some color on this blog.  Less words, more pictures. 

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