Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thoughtful Thursday

I have not done one of these posts in so long thought it was high time I started up again.  for those new, we have many children with behavioral and mental health issues. They tend to get in trouble more often than not.  However, no matter what kids do or what issues they may have, we feel you can always find something that they have done that week that is thoughtful.  Shows they do have a heart and they are indeed human. I know for some parents of kids with RAD or FASD that is hard to focus on.  This helps.  Trust me, it does.  So, sometimes I can write down and jot some things they've done over the last week that has stood out or helped.  So, here goes.

Irina-- Summer pooped her pants on Monday and Irina offered to not only change her but bathe her too.  Was so nice of her to do that.

Max-- Max is an awesome big brother.  I've said it before and I'll say it again. She asks for Max to take her to bed every night and he obliges.  Max always finds the time to help Summer if need be.  Not only that, Max mowed the entire yard and weedwacked on Monday.  And no, we don't rent him out.  LOL.  Actually, I take that back.  A neighbor used his handyman skills this past weekend.

Yana-- Washed the dogs for us.  She and Irina both washed Kota and Alaska.  In addition, Yana cleaned up this past weekend while we were away at soccer.  Very thoughtful.

Bojan-- Bojan has been a huge asset while he's been out of school.  He helped me all week working with the kids on homeschool stuff.  He was my substitute teacher and even gave them a quiz.  

Alyona-- Alyona has been very helpful despite being in a cast.  She helps Bojan take his food to the table.  One-handed no less!  Very thoughtful.  

Alex-- Alex was helpful with Summer this week.  Helping her put on her shin guards for soccer.  Very sweet and thoughtful for sure.  He even got her a cup a few times.  He does enjoy the big brother role.

Logan-- Logan and Nik were extremely helpful.  Both are so happy to move to a new house that they have been cleaning this one like mad w/out being asked. 

Reni--  Reni knew I'd been cooking dinner and asked if she could get me some water.  Just was thoughtful of her to think of someone else. 

Nik-- At soccer practice, Nik was playing with Summer.  We noticed he took her inside b/c he had to go the bathroom.  Then we realized he did that so she would not be playing alone outside.  Very thoughtful of him.  He has become a tad more interactive since Summer came home.  Stepping a little further out of his comfort zone. 

Summer--   Summer is just sweetness.  She is remembering her thank yous a lot lately and just thoughtful in general to people.

Gee, I definitely have to do this every week again.  Hard some times to remember but it really is a must in families like ours.  Even with ten kids, it's doable.  Today we are supposed to have soccer practice.  With all the rain, not sure that's going to happen.  I secretly am hoping not.  Just a veg out kind of day if you know what I mean.  

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  1. Stephanie, I love your idea of Thoughtful Thursdays. I need to do that myself with my girls. I know they are thoughtful, but need to recognize them more and it'd be an encouragement for them to be more thoughtful just to hear mama's praises. I think we just get caught up in being busy with our children, that sometimes we forget to praise them for positive things.