Thursday, April 12, 2012

A surprise from the blog world

Sometimes, something comes out of left field and just takes your breath away.  This past week, that happened to us.  A blog reader with a huge heart surprised us with a generous gift for Easter.   I couldn't believe it and neither could the kids as three boxes arrived. 

Everyone started to gather round to see what the packages were.  

First one opened was a movie!  None of us had seen Hop so it was a pretty cool surprise to receive this.  We watched it the next day and had popcorn.  Perfect!

Next was this really cool magic paper you write on.  Doesn't write on anything else but that paper.  Crayola makes it.  Very inventive!  No markers on my carpet!  Love it.  Even the older kids had a really neat time designing stuff on those notepads.  So did I.  

Notice Logan's expression in the background???  We pulled out quite a few bags of candy.  Kids were in seventh heaven.  LOL.  

Then they discovered eggs to go with it to hide them in.   Kota was a bit disappointed there was no meat as he can't have candy.  LOL.  Just kidding.  Dog was sniffing everything. 

 Summer loving the colors of all those Easter eggs. 

Bojan testing out the new no mess coloring notebooks.  They turn out shiny and metallic looking.  

See, I don't have a mess on the carpet!  Wonderful!  

 They were drawing like crazy.  Even today, Summer grabbed some paper while Nik was working on speech therapy. 

Reni, showing off what she started to draw.  Our house.  

Summer, very proud of her drawing.  

I can not say thank you enough.  Truly, it was a very heartfelt gift and we all thoroughly enjoyed it.  The movie was awesome and the coloring notebooks were beyond cool.  Candy, well, you can guess that is always a hit around here.  LOL.  Thank you so much Heather!  I hope one day we can meet in person. Amazing how people out in cyberspace can touch you without ever meeting in person.  My kids received a very wonderful Easter surprise. At the same time, I was able to teach them about the kindness of strangers and how this applies in life.  People helping people and just demonstrating kindness.  They see lots of negatives on news and in the paper.  It is great that every once in awhile, they can see the good in people too.  Thank you once again Heather! 

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