Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sunny Day Fun

Last Saturday, a local church, New Hope Church of Garner, held a free Easter Egg hunt and fun day for kids.  We went.  It was a beautiful day.  Took the younger kids and Irina went as well.  So, 7 w/ us.  There were many firsts for Summer as you can imagine.  As well as for Logan and Reni. 

 Summer, sliding down her first inflatable.  I noticed Logan and Reni had never been up either.  Why do I say that?  Because once they got to the top they weren't sure if they had to climb back down or not.  The looks on their faces were priceless once they came down.  Wish the camera were faster. 

Summer, collecting her Easter Eggs.  She wasn't quite sure what to do.  After two she thought she was done.  I hurried her back for more though.  

Nik, showing me his loot!  

Nik and Summer had a great time w/ the water and 'worms.'  They had lots of games geared toward little kids so 4 of my kids were loving it.  Alex and Logan mainly did the bounce houses. 

Never take my kids to a real tattoo parlor.  they'd go hog wild. 

She was a bit nervous not knowing why this woman was pressing on her cheek.  

Summer was very pleased with the tattoo once it was done though.

Nik really enjoyed planting his seeds.  Only problem was they all spilled over in the van.  bummer.  But, let him plant beans in the garden and he's loving it now that they've come up.  

 Now, Reni is our daughter that has quite a few fears to conquer.  I've already heard many times over about her terror of the pool.  She looks at ours everyday.  So, for her to even want to go on the zip line is a big deal.  And, she did it! 

I really wish her hair was out of the way.  She was smiling SO big and laughing.  Definitely a first for Summer.  No zip lines in the orphanage.

Logan, getting ready to take his turn.  No fear.  Our neighbors have a zip line and kids play on it all the time so no big deal. 

We had fun.  Weren't there too long.  Beautiful day though.  Day before Easter.  More later.  This is post #4 for the day.  Next post may be a wordy one.  We'll see.  So much happening, so much on my mind.  Tomorrow, Alyona and Summer have endocrinology appointments.  Let you all know how it goes.  Tomorrow is also soccer practice for the girls. Friday is finally a free day.  Phew.  Saturday, we're literally at soccer games all day long.  At least it's going to be nice.  Then, it is off to a bonfire at the farm.  Ahh, good times.  Sunday is church.  And yes by golly, we're going to make it this Sunday!  Bedroom slippers, falls and all.  We're going.  More tomorrow. 

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