Monday, April 16, 2012

Social worker visit (PPR)

In adoption, you must comply with whatever rules the country you adopted from sets forth.  You agree to that before you take custody of them.  One is that you won't use them for body parts (don't laugh, it's included in some court decrees!) and another is that you will report back to the country they came from with how they are doing.  This is what we do.  And, after 28 PPR's thus far, we know what to do.  I personally like sending these back so that they can see these children are healthy and thriving in their new families. 

Now, you come to Chaos Manor though, you best be prepared.  You never know what exactly may happen here.  Okay, right before she was due to come here, I said these:  "Alyona, put the razor blade down (she was cleaning the stove top)."  "Nik, get off Logan. (piggy back riding)."  "Summer, get the dog ball out of your mouth."  Clearly, I could see what direction they were headed in for the upcoming visit. 

We were gone all weekend.  Soccer, farm, church, etc.  We did clean on Sunday.  Even sorted the boys' clothes.  Now, I had no idea she'd need to see their rooms again.  Had I known, my kids would have been doing that versus school this morning.  Oh well.  Live and learn.  Boys room was hideous.  Girls' wasn't too bad.  No beds made of course.  But the boys...oy.  They cleaned it yesterday mind you.  Looked like a demilitarized zone today.  How?  How can boys do that?  How?  Downstairs wasn't too bad.  We're repainting the dining room (selling purposes) so paint, tape, ladder, etc. is out but I consider that par for the course.  not a mess but has to be in order to paint.  Make sense?  Shoot, even laundry and dishes were done.  Yet boys' room...much, much to be desired.  Clearly if these PPR's were on a point scale, they'd have points off for that.  LOL. 

Anyhow, she's great with the kids when she comes.  They're comfortable with her and I like that.  They definitely are themselves.  All of them.  They don't hold back.  During this visit, Summer peed her pants b/c Alyona wouldn't let her in the bathroom.  She runs around bottomless for a bit.  Alex and Logan kept goofing off and then fighting.  Set them up to do punishment chores and they spill not one but two bowls of water they were using for cleaning.  On the carpeted stairs no less!  URGHH!!!  They were all loud.  Oh, you all will love this one.  This one pretty much takes the cake.  Nik made a sign out of kinex in the shape of an arrow.  He attached paper to it.  He wanted me to write on it.  He kept signing mountains, trip, money and ice cream.  I could NOT for the life of me piece it together at the time.  So, I wrote Mohican (name of our cabin at camp) and Camp Cheerio on it.  Go back to talking to the social worker.  Go to check on kids that went outside.  I look out and there is Nik sitting in the Spongebob camping chair w/ the STOP, kids at play sign.  Along with his sign.  Then it dawned on me and I went yelling for Nik to come in.  The child was trying to fundraise so he could go to camp.  Yes, yes he was.  I kept signing if he wanted to go shopping at camp & he said no.  Just kept signing trip.  Then I had realized that we told him if we don't have the money (taxes), we can't go.  I've tried to explain before when we found out about the generous donor allowing us the opportunity to go to camp.  But, explaining how that works to a 9yo is a little tough. I just kept reiterating we're going to camp and he did not need money.  Still a little boy w/ a stop sign & a hand made arrow pointing to himself kind of cracks you up.  I should have taken a picture in retrospect.  A Nik classic. 

So, loud children, punishment chores, a kid trying to fundraise...for himself mind you, and many other little things here and there, I'm sure she was ready to go home.  She has one child.  A little girl.  She's great though and does understand kids.  A MUST for a social worker in my book.  We survived.  Bonus is no one got hurt.  All in all, nice visit.  Hey, they must see everyday life here.  And, when the kids know mom is talking to someone, they have no school work assigned, they tend to take advantage of the situation.  Hey, alls well that ends well, right?

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