Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Soccer practice last night

I know today is Wednesday.  A day late.  And way more than a dollar short.  LOL.  Tonight we had church clubs & all the kids thoroughly enjoyed it.  The older teens are more in a teaching role.  Nik and Summer had an awesome, awesome time making puppets.  Nik even made one w/ implants on!  Love it!  Bojan joined a music club w/ a Christian rap artist from Kenya.  VERY interesting gentleman.  Just an all around awesome guy.  We even got invited to a concert in May!  So many cool things happened this evening.  I'll share more when I have a better chance to. 

Meantime, we have soccer practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays and games on Saturdays.  I don't always take the camera but sometimes I do.  So, these were from last night's practice. 

Summer and Alyona.  Not sure what's with that face.  LOL.  

Alex, going in for the kick.  I can hardly get any pictures of Alex and Logan b/c they are moving so dog gone fast! 

 Logan, doing some tricks.  Why they brought our ball from home, I'll never know.  URGHH!!!  That's how we lose things in this house.  Boys.

Nik.  this is the day he got stapled.  He had practice too.  But his starts later than the other boys.

Summer, being Summer.

My goofy girl goofing off.  

 If I were their coach, my hands would have been around the necks tighter.  LOL.

I probably do not want to know what Alex and Logan are laughing about.

Me, wind blown hair & all, and Nik and Summer.  Nik is actually letting me hold his hand.  Trust me, that's progress for this huge germ-a-phobe.  One day, I hope Nik can conquer a few of his 'quirks.'  I will have a separate post on Nik soon.  He goes to neurology next week.  Looking more and more into the autism spectrum.  

We have a great time at practices and games.  This practice, Summer, Alyona and myself kicked the soccer ball around for quite some time.  Well, 4 posts yesterday and 3 today so far.  I'm getting there.  Slowly but surely.  BTW, A/C is fixed now.  Wahoo!!! 

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