Monday, April 2, 2012

Soccer on Saturday (Mommy's here)

This past Saturday was soccer game time.  It was pouring that morning.  And I mean down pouring.  Thought for SURE it would be canceled.  Nope.  They were playing.  So, the first 3 games for Summer, Logan and Alex, I had NO pictures b/c it was so wet that I couldn't even get the camera out.  Did not let up.  This is when we realized the effects of Pleven (Summer's old orphanage for the first few years of her life before being transferred) had taken a toll on our little girl.  Well, that is our best guess anyhow.  I know many of you have heard of Pleven and what all transpired there.  Anyhow, Summer went on the soccer field and locked up.  Frozen.  It was a sad, sad sight.  People were great about it but for us, torture to watch our little girl.  The terrifying eyes were back.  I tried to break her out of the cycle that she was locked in.  Crying.  All the other kids were playing around her.  I tried to comfort her, coaches tried to let her kick the ball, etc.  Nothing could help her.  Emotionally, she checked out completely.  I wrapped her in my coat and just kept staring her in the eyes and wiping her tears saying Mommy's here now.  Mommy's here.  You're okay.  You're okay Summer.  Needless to say, more watching happened w/ her game rather than playing.  At first, she did not even cry.  Just a blank stare.  I kind of wished I had taken pictures so you could see the look.  It is hard to describe but a mixture of fear, great sadness, and unknown. I knew what was happening but still did not make it any easier for me to witness. 

Logan and Alex were jamming at their game. I think Logan made 2 goals and Alex made 3.  Quite the players to watch.  They LOVE the game.  And, Alex is getting really good at helping others.  In addition, Logan is becoming more of a team player. 

After their games, we had to wait some for Reni & Alyona's game.  Before this, made Warren stop and get rain ponchos.  Dollar General was having a grand opening so we got goodies. 

Two cans of Pepsi, Doritos, containers, etc.  It was great after feeling like a cold, drowned rat.  

Waiting out the rain and for the other game to start.  Summer, slowly getting comfortable again.  Logan and Alex, no issues getting comfortable.  Asked if they could stay in the car.  Nope.  We watched your game, you do the same for your sisters.  Though, could have done w/out their sideline brother coaching.

 Alex, helping Summer getting a drink.  With her high sodium levels, making sure she drinks a lot of water.  Alex was glad to help her. 

 Praying before the game starts.

Found a way to keep Alyona's cast dry while playing.  Not pretty but it works.

Reni, going in for the kick.  She loves to play.  See, in Bulgaria, they told me girls weren't allowed to play soccer.  We've seen a lot that they don't think girls can do.  Unreal!  You should have seen the look on Logan and Reni's face when they saw a woman police officer.  Just glad that Logan will no longer have the mentality that women can't do anything.  And Reni, is out to prove a point when she plays.  Oh my.  Watch out for this....girl.

 Her  brother Logan, helping her come out of her shell.  After this, she was fine.  It was raining as hard in this shot. 

Summer, okay to watch her sisters play now.  It was a hard, hard time for her that morning.  Feeling rain for probably one of the first times in her life.  Think about it a moment.  They wouldn't let her out to play in the rain.  It was still such a foreign concept to her.  Our kids that have been home awhile have jumped in mud puddles, swam in the rain, played sports in the rain, caught snow on their tongues, etc.  For Summer, this will all be a bit new for her.  We must remember that.  By the end, she was okay with rain beating down on her.  She too was jumping in those mud puddles.  Simple pleasures but still so new for her.  Slowly, we'll get there.

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