Saturday, April 21, 2012


Today we had to get up early to go to a soccer game this morning.  It was for Summer.  You can tell her processing is much slower than the other kids but she hangs in there for sure.  Even getting to kick the ball here and there.  And best part was she only fell once!  For young kids w/ c-ACC, balance can be really, really tough.  It was for her when she first came home.  Now, we're doing great.   After she played, we came home really fast and Warren and Max hauled off the trash.  Loaded back up in the car and went to Alex and Logan's game despite them not playing. 

Okay, I must say that Alex and Logan have THE BEST coaches!  Seriously.  They talked to the boys and they talked to us.  Alex even had to address the team as he was captain.  The other kids somewhat look up to him for leadership and guidance. The coaches and us saw TRUE remorse in Alex.  Trust me when I say this is huge for someone w/ RAD.  Very big.  Coaches spoke about character and responsibility.  Those were two very, very sad little boys.  That may sound rough but given their background, it was awesome for them to experience this but more than that, to feel it.  It means they can indeed relate to people in a normal way. They have feelings.  Coaches asked us to reconsider the taking away of soccer.  We are still thinking it over.  If they did go back, the coaches will help us keep them in line of on toe over the line...they're out, no questions, no discussions.  Again, lots to consider.  Lots was said, lots of points made, lots of experiences went into these two sons of mine today.  They both realized consequences for actions.  Oh, don't worry, these two are still very much grounded.  We are just really re-thinking the taking away of soccer.  Our coaches can relate.  One of them has 5 boys. 

After that, was Nik's game.  Reni and Alyona had a game last night so no game for them today.  Nik actually was in the game...playing.  I mean really, really and truly playing.  For the first time, we were watching our son play the way he was supposed to.  Not be an outsider but an actual participant.  Nice to see.  So nice to see.  We also met a lady who runs group homes.  Very interesting conversation w/ lots to think about.  Much information given to us. 

Came home.  Went to the roadside to pick up plants from a man selling them.  Bought them last year.  Much cheaper there and great plants.  Sold out of the ones we needed.  Went to Lowes for filter for fridge that is way, way, way past replacement time and for some chlorine to clear up the pool.  Came home.  Took the kids that were home (Irina and Yana were still at work) and went to drop Bojan's trumpet off for repair.  Well, we passed Krispy Kreme while downtown.  The place where  you can see them make the donuts.  Had to do a detour.  Bummed I forgot the camera.  On the way in, a gentleman gave us some cash and said treat them to some donuts!  Very sweet of him.  Sat down and ate some donuts.  Machines weren't operating at the time but kids thought it was cool anyhow.  We'll now have to go back to see the machines in action one day!  Went home and Irina and Yana were home.  Happy we saved them donuts too. 

Warren made beef and broccoli stir fry this evening.  Kids devoured it.  3 kids are staying w/ friends this evening.  Quiet here.  Tomorrow, lots and lots to do.  I doubt we'll make church just given the sheer amount of what we need to get done. One thing at a time.  That's all you can do.  More to come.  i do not like this new blogger set up.  I don't do well w/ change.  LOL. 


  1. Whenever Craig and I come past a KK (which is fortunately not too often) and it says "Hot Now" we have to stop and get a dozen plain glazed donuts. There's no way around it, gotta have them. They melt in your mouth. This started when we were in college with a KK just down the road from my university. Needless to say, some Saturday nights our dinner was a dozen hot donuts. Very cost-effective and delicious if not healthy.

  2. I am jealous!! Looking at the fruit and flowers! We are slowly getting into our spring...soon we will be just like you! :) Our kids devour fruit as well! :) Good stuff! Have a great day!