Monday, April 16, 2012

Saturday soccer

Well, Saturday started way too early for me.  It was picture day and all the kids had games at different times.  So, we were there from 8:30am till about 4pm.  We took Bojan with us b/c the 3 older teens were working.  Though at 13 Bojan can stay by himself, he's in a wheelchair w/ a cast and I just don't feel quite confident leaving him by himself.  He was not a happy camper that we drug him w/ us.  LOL.  Oh well.  It was a beautiful day but by the end, all of us were dying to go home. Brought lunch from home.  Here's a few pics from there. 

My smallest soccer star styling in her pink shorts.

 No rain so we were good to go this go around.  Summer, kicking the ball.

I made snacks for after the game.  Blue and green cupcakes to match their jerseys.  No, I did not think of healthy snacks.  Especially, with grapes at $2 a pound!  LOL.  And, heard no complaints from the kids.  I brought snacks for all their teams except Alyona and Reni's.  

Bojan at this point was fine.  Later, I let him take all the pictures to give him something to do.  

Nik, wanting a picture in front of the cactus.  Filled w/ a mound of fire ants.  yep, that's my son.  

Wanted a picture of them separately but they wanted a picture together.  

Alex, in action!  Bojan took these shots but couldn't get any of Logan.  They were all moving so fast.  LOL.  He was there and playing, trust me.  You take about twenty shots of the fast movers and lucky if one turns out.  

 Alyona, enjoying some sun.  I sprayed 45 SPF sunscreen on all of us b/c I knew we'd be there all day in the open sun. 

Alex, getting his water.  He did not overheat this time but is showing signs all the time.  Endocrinology panel was normal.  They told us go back to neuro b/c they think it's a brain disorder.  URGHH!!!  He just wants to play ball w/out passing out.  Too much to ask??  

Nik's game was last.  Nik, kicking the ball.  

All the kids played hard.  First long day in the sun all day.  They were troopers though.  All of us were ready to go home though.  Got home, let the dogs out and got ready to go to the farm.  Farm post next!  Need to get ready for Nik's neuro appointment tomorrow though.  Have a great evening everyone.

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