Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Resident barber

As if Max isn't enough being the handyman, lately he has also become the resident hairdresser.  This evening, he cut Nik's hair and Reni's bangs.  Not bad.  And he did it by sight b/c we couldn't find the comb.  Great eye indeed.  He has even dared to cut his teenage sister's hair.  And, she let him!  Now, that's pretty daring if you ask me. 

 Max, trying to eye how he should cut it.  Yana, being optimistic.

No turning back now.  And, let the cutting begin.  He did really well.  Hey, this may save us a few dollars.  Actually, we may have to start paying our resident barber soon.  Max does do a great job.  And, they line up to have him cut his hair.  Reni and Nik did that tonight.  Cracked me up.  Logan wanted to but he really doesn't need his cut yet so making him wait.  Maybe I'll let him trim mine when the time comes. 

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