Friday, April 27, 2012

Random pictures

Gee, hit publish first.  Thought I'd throw in a few random pictures I had on the computer.  Tomorrow is an early day w/ soccer, picking up a trumpet, errands, cleaning up the house.  We may take the kids to the movies but we'll see.  Not sure what's playing at the cheap seats yet.  That's what we call them.  If not, we'll do a redbox movie and enjoy homemade milkshakes and popcorn from home.  The house is definitely looking better inside.  Finally.  Doesn't look like trolls live here anymore.  I was very proud of how everyone pitched in today despite the person not coming later to see the house.  It is very difficult for some of my kids to understand this process but we're trying.  This weekend is the push to advertise and sell.  Getting Warren to work his computer magic.  Want to take the girls to yardsales early morning but dog gone soccer again.  Not sure Warren would take the 4 to soccer himself as they are playing same times and different fields.  Yardsales is where we are able to pick up quite a few things.  It helps.  Not being able to go all these weeks is tough.  May get up early, go for an hour and come home to get them fed and ready for soccer. Sleep in the chair at the field.  LOL. 

Ahh, the two prisoners.  I can honestly say I'm shocked this past week at how fast Logan caught on.  He is no longer going along w/ everything Alex says or does.  This is awesome b/c Alex doesn't always know how to make the right choices. FASers need that external brain.  I am hoping Logan will slowly fall into that roll.  And the first time today, we had a major breakthrough with Alex. 

Nik, getting ready to make another piece of artwork.

Nik has moved past stick figures.  It is really cool to see his people come to life.  This is a student at a desk w/ a pencil box.  And a smile!  See, he can draw nice things too.

Summer practicing w/ some sidewalk chaulk.  She dressed herself of course.

 Max in his element.  He is our resident landscaper.  He loves it.  He weedwhacks, mows and trims hedges.  I'll try to trim them up but he doesn't like the job I do.  LOL. 

Logan, doing some punishment chores of picking up sticks in the yard.  In bedroom slippers.  

Bojan finds a way to practice his trumpet even in the chair.  He is so ready to get that cast off.  Bojan's final concert is this coming week.  The day he gets his cast off so that should be interesting.

Yana, coming home from walking Alaska.  Yana walks quite a bit around the neighborhood and of course runs it for practice.  Helps keep her healthy and the dogs.  

Reni is such a go-getter when it comes to soccer.  Right in there playing.  She was SO happy she gets to play here.  Apparently, women are not allowed to play in Bulgaria.  Logan was stunned when he saw girls on the team.  Girls play?  he asked.  Yes, in America they are allowed to play.  And let me tell you, Reni is making up for lost time not playing and loving every single minute of it.  Whereas Alyona would be just as happy strutting on the field in an evening gown, Reni would rather get in the game and get down and dirty on the field.  She'll be a powerhouse in a few more years. 

I have to get some more pictures up soon.  Just thought I'd share some random ones I had.  Enjoy your weekend.


  1. Can I have summer's link? havent voted today

  2. Hi Stephanie!

    What kinds of things do you look for at yard sales? Clothes? Toys? Sometimes we have yard sales in our neighborhood that are great, really good/free kids clothes. I will look for you if you tell me what sizes or stuff you could us.